Goals + Calendar


Main goal is to get a sub-9:00 pace for a 10k and the 8 mile this year. May add a few other races, but I’ll update if that happens. And continue running 3x a week.

— 4/17: Updating April 10k goal to a 54:40 finish (8:49 pace).

  • April: 10k
  • May: 10k
  • June: 10k (+ maybe a 5k)
  • July: 10k
  • September: 8 mile
  • November: 5k (maybe?)


Non-running Goals:

No more alcoholic beverages.

Focusing on strength through…

  • HIIT class 2x a week (when I’m not training for a race — which isn’t often haha! Cycling used mostly instead of HIIT during training.)
  • Lifting + body weight exercises 2-3x a week, backing off in the week or two before a race.