Goals + Calendar


To continue having a positive relationship with the sport of running, I’m loosening my goals. They’re still there! My big goal is still getting to a sub-2 half. But, I’ve come to respect this journey and know the pressure of “this is the race” is sometimes a negative affect mentally. So, as far as goals, I’ll be running my best unless stated differently below. I know it could take several attempts, or even years to get there. There is no point in getting down about race results when you’re doing your best for that day…something that’s taken me a while to accept and believe. #findjoyinthejourney right?! 😊

Below are the races I’m currently register for:


  • WDW 5k – Not racing. Stopping for photos and having a great time with my Instagram BFF!🙌
  • WDW Half Marathon – Initially I planned on running super easy pace (like 10+ min. pace), as that had been what I was doing all my post-injury runs at. It was the mentality of just being grateful to finish after weeks of not being able to run at all. But as the weeks have passed, I’ve gotten stronger and the fear of not making it to the race has dissipated. I haven’t done any speed workouts, but just recently pushed myself a bit and it felt good! Though I’m not setting any specific goal times, I want to do my best for where I’m at now and see where that puts me back at my journey to sub-2. I’d love a PR! It seems silly not to get a head start on this goal as I’m feeling stronger every day, but I know I have a lot of work to do, and my first spring race will be here before I know it!


  • Gazelle Girl Half – Goal: Do my best! I’d also love a PR here (sub 2:04:06), and even though this training cycle will be a little shorter than normal, I am confident in this goal! — UPDATE: Since I got my sub-2 in Disney, I’m setting a goal to get another sub-2, and as a secondary goal coming in with a pace under a 9:00 min./mile pace.
  • RnR Nashville Half – Survive?! This race is insane 😬 (and FuN)! I’d love to finish with a course PR (sub 2:20:34)!


  • River Bank Run 25k – I couldn’t say no to the Double Down challenge!😂 And my husband wanted to run the 5k, so why not do it to?! 🤷‍♀️ I was originally registered for the 5k, but had an urge in early January to run the 25k again (first time in 3 years). PR bound here!


  • Mackinac 8 mile – Goal: Hoping for a PR and sub-9 min/mile pace! Super excited to run it again, as I had to do a bib transfer due to injury for the 2018 race.
  • Park2Park Half Marathon – Goal: Do my best! This race has been on my bucket list for some time, so I’m excited to run it! It’s supposed to be a great course!

Non-Running Goals:

  • Wear my hair down more often in the colder months (it’s too hot in the summer 😂). Yes, this sounds silly, but I’m queen of ponytails and am trying to avoid breakage.
  • Continue daily probiotics, ACV, and collagen.
  • Continue lifting – shooting for 3x a week to maintain muscle mass (minimum of 2 days a week). Also, increase core work.
  • Go for a walk on non-running days.
  • Continue daily stretching with Garmin stretching app.
  • Go on a “date” with my husband at least once a month.