Goals + Calendar



  • 10k — Goal: 54:40 // Reason: I think 8:49 pace would make me happy for a first sub-9 minute pace. // Official time: 53:10. // Post Race Analysis: Had a great day! Felt strong and beat my goal!


  • 10k — Goal: 52:59. // Reason: Felt really strong at Gazelle and pushing just a little harder to get under 53 minutes might be hard, but potentially possible. // Official time: 54:07 // Post Race Analysis: I tried and fought some physical battles with cramps and fatigue. Good effort though!


  • 5k — Goal 1: PR (sub 25:36), 2: sub 25:29). // Reason: It’ll be 9 months since my last 5k, so I’m ready to see where it puts my training paces for fall if the PR happens. // Post Race Analysis: No official PR with official of 26:12, but hit 3.1 in 25:31 (which is a personal best)!
  • 10k — Goal: No time goal. // Reason: First race running with my husband and just want to have fun together. // Post Race Analysis: Course was short, so while I wasn’t shooting for a PR it would have happened had the course been .09 longer. So that was a little disappointing. But, I got to run the majority with my husband and that was the main goal! 52:13.46 finish time.


  • 10k – Goal: No time goal. // Reason: Enjoy the course (been wanting to run this course for a long time!).


  • 8 mile — Goal: sub-9 min. / mile pace. // Reason: I missed this goal last year, and still want it.


  • Half marathon — Goal: sub-2 hours. // Reason: I missed this goal last year, and still want it.


Non-running Goals:

No alcoholic beverages.

Focusing on cross training through…

  • Cycling or Weights/Strength exercises.