Here are some of my go-to products for training and race days:

1. Handful – I love their sports bra! It’s almost embarrassing how large my collection is…and this is just the Adjustable bras! They have removable cups and are really comfortable….I admittedly often wear the adjustable bras instead of “regular” bras. Because who likes to wear those anyway?! 😜 I highly recommend the Y-Back bra for running. It’s my absolute favorite for high impact workouts! I’ve been enjoying wearing the Now and Zen and Adjustable bra for my cross training as well. I do wear the adjustable for running too, but tighten up the straps a bit more for more support.

2. Belcorva – I am a big fan of their capris! I’ve worn them for yoga classes, HIIT classes, indoor cycling, running, and lifting weights….great for all those activities! I have a discount code for any Belcorva item on the right side bar of my blog too 🙌.

3. Oiselle Roga (and Mac Roga) Shorts – These are my favorite shorts, hands down. They’re so comfortable, and they’re not the standard “swishy” runner shorts that I’m not a fan of these days. I have the Toolbelt Roga also, which has some added pockets in the waistband.


4. Shoe Hoodies – These are my cold weather must haves! When it’s cold my feet are among the first places I feel it and sometimes it’s painful! I have had frostbite on my toes, so I’m so thankful these exist…I wouldn’t be able to get out in the winter without them! To read more about these, you can check out my product review.


5. ProCompression socks – I’ve tried a few different brands and these are my favorite and all I wear now. I have a pretty good size collection of their over-the-calf compression socks. They are comfortable, they come in a variety of fun prints and colors, and most importantly I swear by them for running and biking recovery (I wear them mostly AFTER a workout, but occasionally use them during as well). I seem to bounce back pretty quickly when I use them. They’re fabulous! My mom is a big fan too.

6. Nathan Sports Moxy Hydration Pack – I can’t run without this 2L size pack on my runs of 8 or longer (which isn’t too often these days, but this is still a favorite!). I still wear it for shorter runs in the summer. The heat and humidity can make it brutal, but this makes it a lot better! All the storage is great for keys, phone, fuel (gels or other), and anything else you might want along the way. I don’t like handheld bottles or the hydration belts, so finding this gem was awesome! For my full review on the Moxy, click here.

7. Running belt – I wanted a FlipBelt, but didn’t like the price so I ordered the We Move brand off Amazon (price fluctuates and depends on size and color, but cost anywhere from $9.99-14.99.) I got a black one and a pink one totaling less than one FlipBelt! 🙌 I’m wearing it in the picture for the Oiselle shorts (#3).

8. High-Density Foam Roller. This has been a life saver for me. My IT band and hip flexors get really tight, and this foam roller has been so wonderful for recovery. It even came with me in the car all the way to Nashville for my marathon! I like the big size, but if I could get another one I’d go with a shorter one just since it would travel easier. No way I’d want to carry this through an airport 😉.

9. Garmin Fenix 3 (Sapphire collection) GPS watch. My precious Garmin! Is it really a “must have”? Well, no. I mean you can obviously run without one. BUT, I don’t know what I’d do without mine now. I love analyzing data and the fact that you can use bluetooth and sync it with your phone via Garmin Connect is pretty awesome! You can view pace and mile splits, elevation, routes taken, mileage, etc all on there! It’s so much fun to keep track of your PR’s and see improvements. I do consider a GPS watch it a “must-have” if you’re working on pacing. Being able to see your pace in a single glance is so nice! I had the Garmin Forerunner 220 before this and it was great. My husband is now using my old 220 with a new white band on it to replace the original purple one. I upgraded to the Fenix so I could use it for Tri’s (however I have since decided I won’t be doing anymore of those even though I loved my first!).

10. Momentum Jewelry – I never race without a little pick-me up from their motivational wraps. They have many great sayings and also offer a custom option, plus lots of different color wraps.