Run Streak Ended…or did it?

I completed 30 days of running at least a mile a day for #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS, which was started by Jen (@pinkcupcakegirl). I averaged 3.43 miles a day (103 miles for the month), and 13,299 steps a day (always meeting my minimum goal of 10k a day).

I didn’t run on July 1st, but did lots of walking to meet my step goals. The streak really just instilled being more active. So if I’m not running because I’m biking or doing a HIIT workout, or taking a rest day, I’ll still be getting a few extra miles in by walking.

I am starting training on Sunday, July 2, for an 8 mile race that’s this fall and I have big goals for the race. So, starting with rested legs was important to me so that’s why I stopped the run streak, but continued with walking.

I loved seeing everyone’s posts on the Facebook group through the challenge. It was a place to share your daily triumphs and struggles too! It was cool having like 2,000+ other cheerleaders there going through the same thing!

Congrats to all the finishers!!

10k or Half Marathon?

I’m laughing now, but not long ago I was fuming mad. Last year in November I registered for Gazelle Girl Half Marathon and the River Bank 25k. Fast forward to February of this year, and I found myself reading medical journals and doing online research on excessive exercise and the heart because my dad unexpectedly had a heart attack. I decided to back down from the long distance races and focus on heart health with 10k or less runs. So the beginning of March I got online and transferred from the 25k down to the 10k and then read (it must have been on their website because I can’t find any emails) that for event transfer for Gazelle you’d need to pick up your bib and bring it to a special table at the expo to get a new 10k bib. Ok, great!…I thought it I was all good!

Then I saw that the Gazelle 10k was sold out. It made me wonder what happens to all the people that are planning on the 10k but purchased a half bib? It got me thinking though about how much I love the Gazelle half. So I contacted the race director. Looks like their policy must have changed between the beginning of March and now because I was basically told I have no choice but to run the half or defer to next year.πŸ™ˆ I skipped speed work in training in favor for easy runs thinking I had no reason to be focusing on speed anymore because Nashville is just a go for fun race….so this half I have no idea what to expect. I love Gazelle though, so I am excited to run it once more.

I recently ran a 2:11 half in training for my last half (Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville), so I’m hoping for that or better but we will see what unconventional training does for me 😬.