Product Review: Senita AthleticsΒ 

I love it when I have the opportunity to try new athletic wear! Senita Athletics sent me a sports bra and matching pair of running shorts to try and I was overjoyed…who doesn’t get excited about new gear?! 😜

First impressions….SO CUTE! I love the fun floral print.

There are a few cool features for this set:

  1. The bra has a cell phone pocket between the shoulder blades. It’s surprisingly easy to get it in and out too, but stays in place well during the run. I have an iPhone 6s for reference.
  2. The shorts have compression shorts underneath the outer layer. AND they have grippers so they don’t ride up during your run! πŸ™Œ This was my attempt at showing that…can’t really see it though haha 😬.
  3. The shorts have two places for storage in the waistband; a zippered pocket on the back that I used for my keys, and a small un-zippered pocket in the front that would be good for energy gels.

My thoughts:

That bra fit was great! It was comfortable and supportive. It has some removable pads in it too. I probably won’t use the cell phone pocket in the bra again because my phone got sweaty. I’d suggest putting it in a sandwich bag to protect it if you’d like to use this feature.

The shorts are amazing! I love the zipper pocket on the back and the grippy compression shorts underneath. I wish the outer layer was just a little more form fitted around the legs though. It’s not bad, I just prefer a more fitted look.

Overall, I love this outfit and I’d definitely recommend the brand to others.

Senita makes some great tops, leggings and capris, and accessories too. If you’d like to buy this outfit, or any other items from Senita, you may use code ‘mittenrunner’ for 10% off your purchase.πŸŽ‰

Product Review: Ripple Plant Milk

I am a label reader. I don’t just like to know what I’m eating, I have to know because of all the food sensitivities I have.

Anyway, one thing I never thought about was dairy milk. I drink almond or coconut milk that has zero sugar. My husband and daughter drink 2% organic dairy milk. I about fell over when I saw a cup of dairy milk has 12 GRAMS of sugar in it. TWELVE!!! In. Milk. What???

I immediately started looking at alternative milk options that had just as much protein and calcium as dairy milk.

I was floored when I found Ripple at our local grocery store, Meijer. It’s also sold at Target.

How’s this for comparison:

  • Protein: Dairy 8g, Ripple 8g
  • Calcium: Dairy 30%, Ripple 45%
  • Sugar: Dairy 12g, Ripple 0g
  • Iron: Dairy 0%, Ripple 15%
  • Vitamin D: Dairy 25%, Ripple 30%
  • Vitamin A: Dairy 10%, Ripple 10%
  • Vitamin C: Dairy 4%, Ripple 0%

Ripple is lactose free, nut free, gluten free, 100% vegan, and has 32mg Omega 3’s! Β Amazing, right?! The protein comes from pea protein…yep the legume!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my story about Ripple plant milk.

Ripple was kind enough to send me some coupons for free sample 48oz. bottles, a hat and a market bag.

I gave it a try and my daughter had a little too. She likes it better than dairy milk. I thought I’d try it too even though peas are a food to avoid on the candida diet. The nut milk I drink doesn’t have much protein in it. I sadly had a Candida flare up after drinking Ripple (kind of a duh moment). It’s probably something that would have to be limited for me, just as fruit is. I stick with mostly berries for their lower sugar content. I did make a great post-workout smoothie with Ripple as the base. I added 2 tablespoons hemp protein to a little fruit.

There is one ingredient that has me thinking I’m not going to purchase Ripple again…Dipotassium Phosphate. Research has me kind of up in the air about its safety or place even being in our food, despite what the FDA says about its safety.

Honestly, there isn’t a single 100% perfect milk out on the market. Every single one has a downside. So we are all sticking with what we originally were drinking before Ripple until I can find an option that I’m 100% happy with. We all have a low sugar diet, so it’s probably not the end of the world that the dairy milk stays in our house for the time being.

That being said, I’d be happy to send some coupons to anyone interested in trying Ripple! Just send me a message through the contact form.

Product Review: OOFOS SandalsΒ 

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me wearing OOFOS sandals after completing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half Marathon. I definitely appreciated being able to wear a sandal and have great support and unbelievable cushioning.

The sandals are extremely lightweight. I love that about them! With a thick cushioned sole I expected them to be a bit heavier. The OOfoam offers 37% more impact absorption than EVA, which is the traditional foam found in athletic shoes. 

You might think at first glance they’re just another pair of flip flops, but the special foam makes these feel completely different from your everyday flip flop. Their slogan “Feel the Oo!” is spot on!

“This means that with each step, the impact that travels from your feet up through your body is reduced by more than a third! So instead of stressing tired feet and joints after a workout, OOfoam and the patented OOFOS footbed absorb impact. When you’re not exercising, OOfoam gives your whole body the opportunity to relax, rebuild and recover.” — OOFOS

My first thought after trying them on was how supportive they felt. After walking around in them in the heat and humidity, I noticed they started sticking to my feet so I had some red marks on the top of my feet from the straps. I truly believe this was 100% due to the Nashville humidity, and the fact that they weren’t broken in yet. When we got home I cleaned them and decided to try them just walking around the house since it was still freezing here in Michigan. I didn’t have any issues! They felt fantastic!

“The impact absorption properties are allowing fitness enthusiasts, athletes and all others to recover faster and feel better. We combined OOfoam with a biomechanically engineered footbed to allow the foot to move in its natural planes of motion including superior arch support. We’re proud to bring you OOFOS…footwear that can truly make your hard-working feet and body feel better” — OOFOS

They come in a variety of different colors as well. I just went with the basic black so it would coordinate well with anything. But, I have my eye on a pink pair too 😊. 

I’ll update this post if I have any issues this summer with them, but right now I’m very happy with them.  I’d definitely suggest OOFOS to any athlete, nurse, or anyone who is on their feet for extended periods of time. I look forward to wearing them more this summer! 😊

Visit the OOFOS website to shop for your pair, and learn more about these sandals and their other products.

Product Review: Nathan Sports Moxy Hydration Pack

After a friend recently inquired about my hydration pack, I decided it was time to do a write up on this awesome product!DCIM100GOPROGOPR1290.

Hydrating has always been an issue for me during training. Having to make routes around my car for Nuun, or wherever I could get water, was irritating. I tried the hand held water bottle, but had issues with neck/shoulder tightness. I tried a hydration belt, which was ok but I’m truly terrified of wearing it for longer distances because of the pressure around my mid-section. I’m susceptible to GI issues with longer distances, so I started looking into other options. Thankfully I found a solution that I can not only use for running, but also long bike rides.

Why did I choose the Nathan Sport Moxy hydration vest?

  1. I wanted a women’s specific vest.
  2. I liked that there are 3 ways to adjust the vest for a custom fit.
  3. It hold 2L of water.
  4. The front of the straps have storage. There is a zippered pouch that I use for running fuel items (which is generally a bag of dates). The other strap has a drawstring closure pouch that I put my phone in (I have an iphone 6s with a chunky case and it fits in the pouch).IMG_2078
  5. It has plenty of extra storage space. There is a smaller zipper pouch on top of the large zipper pouch where the bladder fits. I now keep a little toilet paper inside that pouch in case I have to use a port-a-john that’s out of it. That smaller pouch also has a hook inside to store your car keys. Inside the large pouch there is a divider so you may put other items like protein bars, other food/fuel in there.IMG_7518

Cleaning the hose:

  1. Pinch the quick release button on the hose to disconnect the it from the bladder.
  2. Rinse inside of hose with hot water by filling from the connector end. Hold the opposite end lower and pinch the valve to flush the system.
  3. Set aside to dry.

Cleaning the bladder:

  1. Remove the top slider from the bladder and dump the remaining liquids out.
  2. Turn the bladder inside out by reaching in and grabbing the bottom of the bag and pulling it out.
  3. Wash the bag using hot water and mild soap.
  4. Rinse with cold water to remove any residue.
  5. Crumple up a paper towel and put it at the opening of the bladder to hold it upright and absorb any water overnight. — I personally just dry it well with a towel and skip the upside down drying.
  6. After it’s dry, turn the bladder right side out. Put the top slider back in place. Reconnect the hose. Secure the bladder back in the vest.

It may look like a lot to deal with for cleaning, but it doesn’t take long at all to do. This video goes through the steps pretty quickly:

Miscellaneous Tips/Info:

  • The connector end of the hose may need lubrication on the o-ring occasionally to ensure leak prevention and a good connection. Use glycerin, silicone, or 100% beeswax for lubrication. **I use coconut oil and haven’t had any issues**
  • To clean the backpack portion of the pack, hand wash in warm or cold water and air dry.
  • If you think your water tastes like plastic upon first use, squeeze lemon juice into the bladder and fill it with water. Then place the bag in the freezer flat overnight. Thaw bag, rinse, and it’s ready to be used. I did not experience this, and I don’t think I used Nuun the first time I used this pack.
  • I’ve also heard of people storing the bladder in the freezer just to avoid bacteria growth. I contacted Nathan Sports and they confirmed that it is perfectly safe to store your bladder and hose in the freezer, as long as there isn’t a large amount of water in the hose and bladder.
  • Nathan Sports offers replacement bladders (which come with the hose) if something were to happen to yours. As of June 2016, they’re about $32.

Does it Bounce?

After I got it properly adjusted, I did not have any bounce happening with the pack. The chest strap can be adjusted up/down, but I prefer it below my chest as it feels the most secure. There are two other straps on the sides that can be adjusted as well. When I ran the River Bank 25k I had that “sloshing” sound the entire race though. I got used to it, and it didn’t bother me because the pack itself wasn’t moving around. While I didn’t find it annoying, I’m sure some people would hate that. I found this great video on You Tube that shows you how to basically “suck the air” out of the bag when it’s full so that it’s not sloshing. Problem solved!

Cycling with the pack: I did a 70 mile bike ride with it and was happy to have it for the extra storage. I packed a GF peanut butter sandwich and a few protein bars and had the bladder completely filled with Nuun (I had two water bottles on my bike too, but didn’t go through all that water). Inside the other zippered storage I had toilet paper, bandaids and neosporin ointment (just in case – thankfully no spills!), chapstick, my phone and my GoPro camera. My shoulders were a little sore, but they generally are with longer bike rides. I moved the chest strap up for biking which was a much better choice. I definitely prefer it higher for biking and lower for running, and the side straps I adjusted looser for biking too.

If you are in the market to purchase a hydration pack, I would recommend giving this one a try. I have been very happy with it! How do you stay hydrated on long runs? Run loops around your car/house? Carry something? Wear a hydration pack/vest? Find something that works for you! πŸ™‚

Note: I am not sponsored by Nathan Sports. This is just my own experience after purchasing and using the product since May.