Momentum Jewelry Gold Ambassador

If you missed it on Instagram on Monday, I announced that I’ve been asked to be part of the Momentum Jewelry Gold Ambassador group!

My collection (the two that are flipped over in the bottom case are part of the 2019 Share the Spark campaign that starts April 23. So stay tuned for their reveal!)

Their positive mantras have been a staple in my race and training outfits, to give me that extra mental boost when I need it most. I’m so pumped to be back to continue spreading their positive uplifting messages for another year! What does this mean for YOU?….


I’ll be doing a special giveaway next month on Instagram for some Momentum swag, so keep your eyes open for that! 😊 Wohoo!Momentum-gold-ambassadorbadge-2019-1x1_please do not share until 033119