How Do You Choose a Race?

I’m going over 2018 plans and it got me wondering how everyone else chooses races? I’m especially curious how you decide on out of state races.

Do you do only local races? If you do some that involves travel out of state, how do you determine what race to register for?

Anyone else big into reading race reviews? They’re usually pretty accurate. For example, we knew going into the Nashville half the first time it was going to be very hilly and weather that time of year was risky. But, the atmosphere was supposed to be electrifying…and it was!


Do you talk to other local runners? Look at possible weather issues (like training in cold temperatures but racing in potentially hot?), or just high risk of thunderstorms?


The past 4 years my family and I have done one out of state race. Next year is no exception, however it will be one we’ve never ran before and it will be just my husband and myself this time around. I’m so excited for it already because the race course covers a stretch that I’ve been dreaming about running for YEARS! Talk about the anticipation! 🤗 We are making it a kid-free date weekend, so I’m looking forward to the time together just us! But more on that another time!

I like to do the bigger local races because the energy at the starting line is always unreal! And, you just can’t beat sleeping in your own bed the night before a race.


For out of state races, I generally look at if it’s a place I’d like to vacation. Often I’m first planning the vacation before deciding to make it a race-cation 😉.

Do you have a bucket list of races? I have one but it needs to be updated since I have dropped long distance races.

Note: I’m working on my 2017 goal review / 2018 goal list post. Should be up soon!

Sunflower Blogger Award

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 1.47.04 PM

I was recently nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Chelsea of Just Me, Chelsea B. —Thanks, Chelsea! It’s a kind of a neat thing where our fellow bloggers nominate their favorite bloggers and do a Q&A, so you can get to know them more. I love the idea! I’ll fully admit that I haven’t been reading blogs a lot lately so I don’t feel right just listing random blogs ;). But, I will most definitely participate in the Q&A from miss Chelsea! 🙂 And, I’d love to hear YOUR favorite running or fitness blogs in the comments!

“The Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers who believe in their gifts and talents. This award is given to those who excel in all that they do and go above and beyond to reach their dreams and goals. Your passion matters and we want to cultivate that passion within you!”

Here’s the Questions that Chelsea asked me:

1) When did you start blogging and why? After I had been using Instagram for a while tracking my training I decided I wanted to start a blog to expand my thoughts that I’d put on IG. So one of my first posts was my Country Music Marathon race re-cap.

2) What is your favorite hobby? Besides running? I love music (I was in choir junior high through college), so I enjoy going to concerts. I’m a big country music fan, but I enjoy a wide range of other genres too.

3) Are you a morning person or a night owl? I was 100% a morning person before I became a mother haha…now I feel like I’m neither! Probably still more morning than night owl, but it seems to be harder to get up early now than it did back then.

4) Sweet or salty? I’ll say sweet…but I don’t get to eat much of anything sweet these days as I am on-again-off-again battling Candida.

5) What’s your favorite quote/scripture that you live by? My grandpa gave all of his grandkids a copy of The Desiderata, a poem with thoughts of how to live the best life. We all love it! Some excerpts from it were actually read by my grandpa at my sister’s wedding.

6) What are you currently reading? Nada. The last book I read was The Haywire Heart. I used to read a lot of chick-lit / beach reads, but I’ve never really been into reading. I wish I was! I read stuff online about health a lot though. If I had it in book form, I’d read it haha ;).

7) What is your biggest passion in life and why is it important to you? Health and fitness, an obvious no-brainer! But to live a longer happier life is important. I want to be around to see my daughter grow up and have a family of her own.

8) Who inspires you the most? Honestly this one is a tough question! I admire and respect many people and they inspire me (both in running and personal life), but I think I’d say my grandpa as he has always been a great role model. He is very much an anti-quit kind of person, which I know has rubbed off on me. He was a very successful businessman who encouraged and supported me through college. He always has wise words to say when we are together and I love that about him!

9) What is a daily ritual that you absolutely can’t live without? Being active, even if that means just going for a walk. Getting in that daily movement is what makes me feel good and always makes me happy!

10) Describe your perfect day from start to finish. I have two scenarios! One is a wakeup without an alarm clock having to be set, getting a good workout in, and spending the rest of the day with my family on the beach! Maybe a bonfire at home that night too 🙂. Scenario two is simple….A day in Disney World with my family (that includes some running too haha!). We need another trip soon!

11) What are the top 3 things on your bucket list? Visit the Grand Canyon, helicopter ride over volcanoes in Hawaii, and attend the Country Music Awards.

Since I’m not listing 11 blogs, what are some of your favorite running / fitness blogs you follow that you think I should make the time to read?