Race Recap: Gazelle Girl Half Marathon 2019

Shocked is an understatement. I knew I was on track to sub-2 again, but couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the chip time after I finished.😳😱 You’re always more capable than you think!

This race had us all a little concerned about the weather forecast. Come race morning, I checked it after I got up and this was the hourly:

It had rain in it for a long time so that’s what I was mentally prepared for. I think that’s why I was so happy with the weather and didn’t think it was too bad. It’s all in your perspective! That said, yes — it was cold, and absolutely hailed/sleeted. And, if you were out there longer than 2 hours it most definitely got worse…so props to everyone who finished, and especially those that did so in the snow storm! We got pelted several times, and the wind was on and off gusty during my race. But y’all, I’ll take that over cold AND nonstop rain any day! It totally helped that I was dressed appropriately too and only my face was cold during the race.

Before the race started I spent some time in the heated tent to try to stay warm as long as possible. I ventured out and got pics with my fellow Gazelle Sports Ambassadors and other runner friends. There were SO many people I knew running this year and unfortunately didn’t run into too many, but it was fun seeing these girls!

I started out and felt great! At about mile 1.3 I realized I never sent my husband a Glympse. Anyone else use this free app? You download it (I got it in the Apple App Store, but they may have it for android too), and can send a LIVE time stream of your location to anyone (they don’t need the app to see your location). Anyway, I’m still pretty amazed at how I was able to pull out my phone from my hydration pack pouch on the front strap, find the app, prepared to send the location, and sent the text all while running and maintaining a good pace🤪. I didn’t want him to miss me, so it was a must do!

I didn’t have any aches or pains until mile 5 when my right quad started bothering me. It was that burning fatigue feeling and it never went away! At about mile 7.5, I looked to my left and saw Stephanie (Gazelle Sports ambassador). I told her how I was feeling and she encouraged me before she continued on looking for her friend.

I did something during this race that I haven’t done since the GR Marathon…and that was running without my GoPro! And once again, this was not intentional. I simply forgot to pack it. I wished I had it a few times, but that’s ok. There was a guy dressed up in a shark costume at one cheer station that had me laughing! I enjoyed running through the cheering sections and high-fived everyone that had their hands out. It made me excited for Nashville because the crowd support on the half course is unbelievable (not so much for the full after the split)!

When I made the last turn and saw the finish line, I broke out into the biggest smile! 😁 I knew that new PR was mine!

And I ran as fast as I could towards the mats! I think this pic below might be one of my favorite race pics ever because every time I see it, all those emotions come rushing back. There was so much excitement and joy heading towards that finish line!

One of the local photographers (Rudy Malmquist) captured this finish line photo:

I ran into Stephanie again at the food tent and ended up sobbing happy tears. I was just completely overwhelmed with emotion. It felt so good to have another strong race this year! I feel like it’s been a good “come back” after my injury battles the 2nd half of last year!

The medals were really cool! It was like stained glass, so the blue allowed light to shine through. Don’t you love the snowy background in this medal picture? 🙄 I mean what month is this?! Haha 🤷‍♀️ It hailed/sleeted on the drive home, but turned to snow and accumulated quickly! We had 5.5″ by that evening.

It was a memorable event as always! It still remains my favorite local race. Some day I’ll run the 5k. It’s the only distance at this event I haven’t run yet.


4 thoughts on “Race Recap: Gazelle Girl Half Marathon 2019

  1. That is awesome. Way to go! That medal is so pretty. It looks like you have a pink water protector guard on your shoe, is it that or part of the shoe design? If it is a rain protector where did you get it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Yes, the shoe protector is from a company called Shoe Hoodies. These are amazing!! I’ve been using them for a few years now during cold and wet runs. They keep your feet warm and dry! They attach with Velcro so you can remove them if you’re using the shoes inside.


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