Gazelle Sports Brand Ambassador

Tis’ the season for brand ambassador announcements! haha I only join forces with brands and businesses that I am already a patron of and truly love. This is one of them!


If you’re in Michigan, you might live around one of the Gazelle Sports store locations. They have stores in: Grand Rapids, Holland, Kalamazoo, Northville, and Birmingham.

I have been shopping at Gazelle Sports since before I even was running regularly. One thing I love about the store is their amazing customer service. I know I’ve told this story before, but I have very unique feet (I wear a 2E width and have a high volume foot too) so finding running shoes that work for me is always a struggle with brands making changes between model years. One time I went into the Grand Rapids location and explained how I had been wearing the Brooks Adrenaline’s for years and suddenly model 15 (and soon I’d find out the 16) didn’t work for me. I had tingly/numb feet like the shoe either ran slightly more narrow or slightly more shallow in volume. Before I knew it, I had multiple employees around me trying to figure out a shoe solution for me. They truly want to help you find what you’re looking for and want you to be happy. I’m happy to say we found a temporary solution before the 17’s were released and I was back wearing my beloved Adrenaline’s.

My favorite brands that Gazelle Sports carry are: Garmin, Brooks, Nike, and now Lululemon (newly available at the Holland and Kalamazoo stores!).

If you’re in Michigan and are in need of some new running gear (and more fun essentials), Gazelle Sports has you covered! I’m a fan of their non-running clothes and bags they carry too!

Gazelle Sports Brand Ambassador


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