Momentum Jewelry Gold Ambassador

If you missed it on Instagram on Monday, I announced that I’ve been asked to be part of the Momentum Jewelry Gold Ambassador group!

My collection (the two that are flipped over in the bottom case are part of the 2019 Share the Spark campaign that starts April 23. So stay tuned for their reveal!)

Their positive mantras have been a staple in my race and training outfits, to give me that extra mental boost when I need it most. I’m so pumped to be back to continue spreading their positive uplifting messages for another year! What does this mean for YOU?….


I’ll be doing a special giveaway next month on Instagram for some Momentum swag, so keep your eyes open for that! 😊 Wohoo!Momentum-gold-ambassadorbadge-2019-1x1_please do not share until 033119


Whole Body Cryotherapy + Normatec Recovery Boots

For someone who hates being cold, this whole body cryotherapy thing really was a positive experience!

Sam from Xtreme Cryo in Grand Rapids reached out to me at the perfect time! I was approaching peak week for my spring race training and knew recovery was going to have to be a high priority to not only make it though 3 races between 13.1-15.5 miles in distance in just 27 days, but to thrive! I’ve done these 3 races before, but I’m always up for any natural remedies to assist in recovery to give myself an even better shot at success this spring! My normal go-to’s are: compression socks, stretching, foam rolling, occasionally epsome salt baths, and infrared sauna sessions several times a week.

Here’s a little graphic about it (via Dr. Axe):


When you arrive, you’ll fill out an electronic waiver. You go to a dressing room and remove your clothing, except undergarments. And ladies, they suggest you wear a bra without underwire, so wear your favorite sports bra (Handful for me, of course!). You put on a provided robe, wool socks and gloves, and then move into the room with the WBC chamber.

They’ll go over your temperature options and you hook a clip to your ear to monitor vitals. I went with -180 which was their level 4 (although the screen facing me displayed -190). It was perfect for me, and honestly I have my doubts I’d make it through 3 minutes at the max of -220. I just don’t tolerate cold that well!

Once you step in, they’ll close the chamber and you remove the robe and hand it over. It’s cold right away, but will gradually get colder until it peaks at what you selected. By the end it was like pins and needles pain, but it’s oddly soothing. It mists on and off, shutting off when it reaches peak temperature and re-mists to keep it consistent. And I’d definitely do this over an ice bath any day! At the conclusion of the session, they’ll hand the robe back for you to put back on before the chamber is re-opened.

I was able to use the Normatech boots after the WBC session, which was a wonderful surprise! I’ve been curious about these forever! They felt so good, especially right after WBC! The compression once it reaches upper leg is so intense…more than I imagined. It’s kind of like getting your blood pressure taken, but on your legs! I just let it go on auto, but you can have it focus on certain areas if you’re more sore in a specific spot.

Here’s a list if their prices and all the services they offer:

If you’re in the Grand Rapids area and are interested, I’d give them a try! My only negative thing is really just a personal issue, in that this is not an ideal location for me anymore since we moved. I’d love a lakeshore location! That said, it worked out perfect for running by my parents house, as it was only about 20 minutes away. So I’d just have to plan a running route closer if I knew I would be heading that way I suppose. 😊 I ran hills today and my legs didn’t feel fatigued, so that’s a win! All in all a great experience!

Note: Xtreme Cryo provided me with the services for free, but all opinions expressed are my own.