Garmin Fueling Reminder Alerts

Has anyone been out for a long run and you completely forgot to take your energy gel or nutrition when you planned to? I’ve so been there in the past! It can be frustrating to loose your energy prematurely instead of keeping it consistent with fueling. While it’s easy to stay on track when you’re on a treadmill constantly looking at the screen, it can be a bit more tricky if you’re outside. As my long runs are increasing in mileage for my spring races and I get back outside, this is something that I will be using.

Something I like to do during training is practice fueling so I know what works for my stomach and what works best for timing during a run in order to maximize the benefits of nutrition during a long run. That way, when race day comes, I feel 100% prepared!

Garmin alerts make it even easier to stay on track with your eating and drinking during a run!

Here’s how to set custom eating and drinking reminders:

Hold up button > Settings > Activities & Apps > Run > Run Settings > Alerts > Add New > Custom > Select your choice of either eating or drinking > Then select the interval either based on time or mileage (ex: eat every 3 miles or every 30 minutes).

Do you use this ‘Alerts’ feature? I love this! It’s a great way to stay on track during training runs and races.



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