Garmin Wrist Based Heart Rate Alerts + Relax Timer

Two years ago (on the 16th actually), my dad gave us the scare of our lives. He had a heart attack, very unexpectedly. He ate healthy, he was training for a half marathon…he wasn’t someone you’d expect to be in his shoes. That day changed me, and my entire family. We are so thankful he is healthy and here with us still today. I’m also thankful for Garmin being a partner in monitoring my own heart.

I wanted to share about this helpful feature on my Forerunner 645 Music watch since it also happens to be National Heart Month!❤️

There’s an option to monitor your HR even more closely with notifications. So for example, say you’re doing speed work and you want to make sure your HR isn’t too high, you can turn on a notification. Or say you’re doing an easy run, and you want to keep your HR low, you can input that number to be notified if it reaches it so you’ll know you need to slow your pace a bit more.

To turn on this feature:  Settings > Activities & Apps > Run > Run Settings >Alerts > Add New > Heart Rate > Custom > then select the number > next hit start/stop button to set

There’s also an option to get abnormal HR alerts in your daily use: Hold up button > Settings > Wrist Heart Rate > Abnormal HR Alert > Select number

For the sake of examples, I’ll say I want to set it to near my max. Note that the standard max HR formula is 220-age (which would put me at 186), however there are other forumulas out there like 207- (.7 x age), which would put me at 183.2. So, I opted to set it at 180, as it’s close by not quite there. In the Wrist Based HR menu you can also elect to turn on the ‘Broadcast During Activity’ mode.

Knowing I am considered more at risk with family history makes this feature very comforting, as I know if I’m pushing it too hard during a workout. ❤️ It’s important to give your heart a workout, but just as important to know if you’re overdoing it. I love the wrist based monitoring feature of this watch! Many of Garmin’s watches offer wrist based HR. Click HERE for the complete list.

Do you use a wrist based HR monitor or a strap?

One other note: I shared about the Relax Timer feature on my watch last month on Instagram. It is a wonderful tool for bringing down HR if you’re feeling stressed. I find myself using this before/during traveling, which gets me feeling stressed out until I reach my destination, or any other time I feel like I just need a breather! If you don’t follow me on Instagram or missed the post, here’s some info on how to use this feature:

Click down button > Stress Score > Start/stop > Down (and you’ll be at the Relax Timer)

You can press start/stop again to select the number of minutes you would like to focus on your breathing and relax. It walks you through the breathing exercise.

Have you ever used the Relax Timer?


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