Commitment to Strength


I’m joining Handful in committing to a variety of different things for 2019!

There will be 4 different themes throughout the month of January. The first two weeks have been revealed:

  • Commit to Balance
  • Commit to Strength

While I could definitely get on board with all four of the themes, strength really hits home for me (keep an eye out on social media for Handful to announce the other two if you’re looking for a different take on the new years resolutions and are interested in hearing some other ideas for things to commit to).

By definition strength is the quality or state of being physically strong. It’s the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure. It’s your best qualities.

But what does strength mean to me?

The definition had me thinking strength is going for an extra rep or an extra weight plate. But strength is so much more! Strength is the ability to persevere in tough situations. Strength is being able to challenge yourself day in and day out. It’s showing up when you don’t want to. Strength is not giving up. Strength is running faster when your legs feel like lead weights. Strength is not letting outside forces get to you.

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I had my first half marathon of the year on January 12th. And while I’d say it was pretty smooth, there was a few miles that really challenged me both physically and mentally. I had to choose to push harder and not give up if I wanted to hit my goal. Just because I hit my sub-2 goal doesn’t mean inner strength is going out the window. I’ll still be challenging myself with other races and in the weight room, where it’s often mental barriers faced just as much as physical. I’ve found listening to motivational speakers helps bring out my inner strength, and this was 90% of my RunDisney playlist!

As far as physical strength, I’m excited to continue lifting weights this year. I was going to switch to mostly weight lifting after I got my sub-2 half marathon but I’m still registered for a few more races this year. So, I’m just continuing to put in time each week in my home gym to maintain my strength until race season ends and I can switch to mostly strength work at that time if that’s still where I’m feeling pulled.

Will you be committing to Balance, Strength, or something else for 2019 instead of a traditional resolution?


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