2018 Goal Review + 2019 Goals

What a crazy year of ups and downs! 2018 brought me a couple first experiences, with my first time placing as the 3rd Overall female at a 5k, and also my first time dealing with a significant injury. I celebrated a new official 10k PR, a 10k course PR, and an unofficial 5k PR (explanation below). Despite the rough last half of the year, I’ve accepted how the year worked out. But, I’m ready to move on and feel my best again!

2018 Goal Review:

Gazelle Girl 10k – Goal: 54:40; Official: 53:10 (New 10k PR!). This was my best race of the year. I felt SO strong and was thrilled to beat my goal!

River Bank Run 10k – Goal: 52:59; Official: 54:07 (New course PR!). Not enough in the tank to beat out my Gazelle time. Definitely felt worse during this race and battled some cramps. But, I celebrated my second ever sub-9 pace 10k!

Resistance Run 5k – Goal: PR sub 25:36; Official: 26:12. SO thrilled with this one because the course was longer than my current PR and I averaged a better pace this time! 🙌 Also was my first time ever placing overall 3rd female. 🎉

Seaway Run 10k – Goal: No specific goal time, just wanted to run with my husband. Official: 52:13.46. Course was .09 short, which was a little bit of a bummer. But it’s always fun to run with my hubby!

RNR Chicago 10k – Goal: No goal time, just enjoy the course. Official: 56:58. Thankful for a pain free run that day! This was towards the beginning of my injury and I hadn’t seen my doc yet.

Mackinac 8 Mile & The Grand Rapids Half Marathon — DNS! I was off for a couple weeks already in injury break right before the 8 mile. I was able to transfer my bib for the 8 mile to my husband. And I also did a bib transfer for the GR Half to someone else as I wasn’t feeling great about re-starting training after a running hiatus and getting up to speed in time, so I focused on recovery.

Non-running Goals:

  • No alcoholic beverages – I successfully went the full year without any alcohol, and I’ve never felt better! 🎉 ✅
  • Cross training through: HIIT classes and Weights/Strength exercises. — I let my gym membership lapse to save money and focus on using my home gym. I’ve really loved my time in the weight room this year and have big plans to do more strength work after my running goals are achieved!

To see my 2019 race calendar and goals for those races, click HERE.


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