Favorite Activewear

I recently got asked about my favorite running shorts so I thought I’d do a post on my favorite activewear brands/pieces.

Little story for ya! I tried Oiselle’s Roga and Mac Roga shorts a few years ago and fell in love with them. They were lightweight, comfortable, not skin tight, but also not the old school swishy running shorts. I got excited when I saw a new print recently and decided to order it in the Roga’s. I was so disappointed when they arrived to find out the waist band no longer had the draw string and they fit completely different. They feel tighter on my hips, and the leg holes aren’t near as fitted as the older design. So bummed!

So when I received a gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods for my birthday, I knew I wanted to check out the options for running shorts. While browsing the apparel I found these Nike Dri-fit shorts. I wish they had more of a name attached to them because Nike makes a lot of swishy shorts that have the same Dri-fit tag. 🧐 Anyway, these ones are fantastic! Super lightweight, wide waistband, drawstrings, and trim around the legs. Perfecto!

I’m still loving all my older Oiselle Roga and Mac Roga’s. If you can get your hands on the older style, buy them! I guess this style change happened January this year. If you feel the same about the design changes, you can send Oiselle feedback HERE.

But, the wide flat waistband Nike Dri-fit shorts, as well as Lululemon’s Speed Up shorts (I just have one white pair) are fantastic! The Lululemon shorts are probably the most flattering running shorts I’ve ever bought. The material is a little heavier than the other two brands mentioned.

I’m not one to be picky with running tops, so generally whatever is a good deal works for me! I have a few mesh/sheer tops (from Brooks, Nike, Old Navy) for those super hot days if I don’t feel like just wearing a sports bra, but otherwise I’m not too picky.

Next up, bras! Do I even need to say what I’m loving?! 😆 You all know my love for Handful! I have the most of their convertible bra, but their Y-back is actually the BEST running bra I’ve ever worn. The straps have some really pretty details on them. It’s truly the most supportive and flattering sports bra I’ve come across. Runner’s World magazine even named it the best running bra for C/D cup too!


I prefer their Bound and Determined bra and their Now & Zen bra for biking, yoga, and lifting. Pictured below is the Now & Zen bra. If I use the convertible for running, I keep the straps pretty snug to be the most support.


I could run in most any sock too, and actually got some TrueFit from the brand new merchandise section at a local Goodwill and love them!

For after any tough or long run I really love my ProCompression low’s and pc runners! (I didn’t get a picture, but I often wear them for races so they’re in my flat runner pics on Instagram). And for post long run or any particularly hard run, I like ProCompression’s Marathon socks (below). I’ve tried a few other brands, but these are my favorite!

Let’s talk leggings and capris! I like different brands for different activities.

Running: I’m digging Belcorva capris for all of the pockets, slimming waistband, and fun prints. But, since I’m not currently running (and it’s hot out!) I won’t be wearing them for that for a while and have been using them for other activities.

And, Old Navy running tights for their price point and how comfortable they are. They sell a variety of patterns and solid colors too. I accidentally put two pair of capris in the picture, but this is most of my O.N. leggings / tights.

Yoga and Strength training: Handful’s Squeeze Play leggings and capris. These have a unique waistband that is really flattering (see middle picture in the photo collage below). The capris have a fun sheer side panel on the legs too (although not super visible in this photo).

What are some of your favorite activewear brands?

Go treat yo-self! 😊


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