Lower Leg Pain Appointment

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my posts about the odd right leg pain I’ve been experiencing on and off again since July 10th.

I’ve been icing, rolling and stretching (truly! Honestly not daily though), and using compression socks often to combat pain and help recovery. The coolcore wraps have been great for when I need to be moving around and can’t be sitting on my couch icing 🙂.

I had an appointment for the 21st, and Thursday morning (8/2) I woke up with a specific point of pain in my leg. It was a few inches above my ankle bone on the inside. It was very sensitive and tender when touched. So I immediately called my doctor again and said there’s now a specific point of pain, and I really need to get in sooner. They were able to do so, but I had to see a PA instead. So I scheduled it for the next afternoon.

I went to show my husband that night and the spot was no where to be found! 🤷‍♀️ How weird is that?! I was absolutely dumbfounded. It makes no sense at all!

So Friday’s appointment happened and they insisted on an X-ray even though I explained I didn’t want to have additional tests done (like an MRI or bone scan), and I’d rather just go straight for the MRI and skip the X-ray since they’re notorious for not showing stress fractures unless they’re significant or it’s been ongoing for a long period of time.

And nothing was found, as I expected. 😏

He asked, “When was the last time you took a month off from running?” 😂 umm…never🤷‍♀️. He said he suggests 1 month off from running (for ALL runners!) every year to give your body time to repair itself. 😱 Cue shock and awe.

He proceeds to tell me I have to take 4 weeks off from running. And as soon as he says, “I know it’s not what you want to hear,” I started 😭 crying. 🙈 It was kind of funny though because it’s like he had done this a million times before. He automatically reached back and handed me a box of tissues 😆.

So, here’s what my new guidelines are:

– Mandatory no running for 4 weeks

– Swimming as much as I want in that time

– Upper body strength (mostly seated exercises – nothing that will put stress on legs).

– 3x daily PT exercises

I have to call on Monday to see if I’m allowed to go for walks…which sounds silly, but I called just before they closed and the lady said he had left already, but she’d assume no walking other than normal activity since he told me biking was off the table (my bike trainer ride before the appointment made my calf uncomfortable). I enjoy going for long walks, so if I can I’m definitely doing it. But I totally could see how it might further irritate it. I also have to check about yoga. I had to modify some poses in Friday’s class because of the weight on my leg.😏

I’ll likely be out on my paddleboard this weekend if the waves aren’t too bad! Hopeful the next 4 weeks will fly by and I can get back to normal.

WHY? I’ve asked myself why did this happen? Here’s my thoughts:

The shoes I was wearing when I had the pain the first time were approaching upper limits on mileage before I typically retire them. So possibly a catalyst.

But the main thing is jumping into new training plan without easing into it. I added 2 additional running days thinking it was ok if they were easy days. And really I should have known better! I don’t know why I did this. And I’m still angry about it. It was so dumb!

Looking ahead, I’m probably going to stick to the original plan I have been using for years. I think everyone has a mileage/schedule that works well for them…but it’s different for everybody. I still have my doubts my body would respond well to the higher mileage, even if I had eased into it. So I’ll be sticking to the 3 day a week running schedule (one tempo, one speed, one long run) + 2 cross training (which will probably be a little different than the past but if I’m doing nothing but cross training for a month, I’ll be good moving into possibly 3 days.) My half time has been improving every year, so the thought that the plan isn’t going to be enough to get me there is probably just nerves because I do want that sub-2 so badly. I’m sure I’ll continue getting faster working the way I have. Maybe it won’t be at the race I hoped, but it will happen eventually!

I haven’t decided for sure if I’ll try for it in Disney or not. I want to feel 100% ready for it because if I run it and miss the mark, I’d be terribly disappointed if it was my goal race. If training goes well, Disney will be my first attempt since Gazelle Girl 2017. If I don’t feel ready, I’ll run it for fun and perhaps Gazelle 2019 will be the race!

Just wanted to say thanks for all the kind messages and well wishes! The running community truly is the best!!


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