Half Marathon Training Changes

It’s been a weird few weeks for me mentally and emotionally! I finally thought I had my head on straight and knew what my plan was and was confident in it. I decided to go back to two full rest days after the first week with one rest day, and keep my speed, tempo, long (at whatever pace feels comfortable that day), and two easy runs (plus three strength sessions — not adding legs until after my next 10k race).

Then as I scroll through Instagram today, I read a post saying you should only do one “hard” run a week, and the rest easy. Lots of runners and coaches say this. But for every person that says that, there’s one who says differently too.

Ex: Hal Higdon’s website says,

“If you want to race at a fast pace, you need to train at a fast pace several days a week.”

🤷‍♀️ It’s like what’s a girl to believe is right for herself?! I don’t think there’s a once size fits all plan available for everyone. That’s why I’ve been struggling with what to do.

I did two days a week hard last time and took 10 minutes off my time, which I was thrilled with! I’m just scared moving away from that will hinder my race day performance. I want to keep improving, as I have each year. I want that sub-2 so badly…I don’t know what to think.

Right now this is what I’ve got penciled in on a ‘normal’ week (days shift sometimes because life happens!).

Monday – Easy run + Strength (back, biceps, abs)

Tuesday – Speed work + Strength (legs- all body weight exercises, no weights for legs)

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Tempo run + strength (chest, shoulders, triceps)

Friday – Easy run + yoga class (if I can attend, otherwise spend additional time stretching)

Saturday – Long Run

Sunday – Rest day

So my potential modifications may be combining the upper body strength into one day so I’ll have 2 strength days, and making Tuesday my hard day for speed, tempo, or hills and making Thursday easy. This scares me!! This current plan is still new to me because last year I only ran 3 days a week (speed, tempo, long) and did 2 cross training days. That plan took me far over a few years. I went from 2:32, 11:37 pace (2014) —> 2:04, 9:28 pace (2017). I just wonder if it would get me to my goal and new PR…which is why I’m here overthinking everything 🤷‍♀️.

I’m just hopeful I find some peace with whatever I decide.

What is your typical half marathon training schedule like?


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