Race recap: GH Resistance Run 5k

“Keep showing up” – The now very famous words of Boston Marathon winner, Desiree Linden. It’s all I had to do to place in this past weekend’s hometown 5k! 😂 Who doesn’t love a small race once in a while?! Not to say I didn’t work my tail off anyway! I love the excitement around a large race, but these little ones can be pretty exciting too when there’s a chance you’ll place and that is something that wouldn’t generally happen at a big race!

I knew going into it that it was going to be a super small race. It’s a fundraiser for the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety’s T.E.A.M. program (formerly D.A.R.E.). There weren’t any finishers medals for any of the distances, but you get a wicking/tech t-shirt, and a goodie bag with some random stuff like a stress ball, sunglasses, water bottle, granola bar, fruit strip, and an electrolyte drink mix sample. The top 3 in each age group and overall get an award.

I did packet pick-up Friday after school pick-up. They didn’t have the bibs yet, so we had to get them race morning.

I got home and picked out my race day outfit.

Saturday morning the 10k started at 8:00, 5k at 8:15, and the kids run at 9:15.

It’s a nice scenic route, and really the only real challenge was fighting a little wind off the lake and a sharp turn or two. Elevation gain was minimal…some ups and downs but the overall gain number was pretty low (43 ft.).

With one mile to go, I tried dropping the guy I was running behind. I surged past and continued to try to keep my distance. To my surprise he never did pass me! 💪 That to me was putting to work all the mental training I’ve been doing. Keep on pushing when the going gets tough! It felt good to know that I was making improvements there!

My 5k PR from last Labor Day was 25:36 (8:16 pace) and the course measured exactly 3.1 miles. My goal was a new PR, and randomly decided 25:29 sounded good 🤷‍♀️. Didn’t hit that, but finished the 3.19 mile course with official time of 26:12.3, and hit 3.1 in 25:31! So not an “official” PR but I’ll take the small un-official PR!🎉 Progress is progress!

I decided to get a few more miles in after the race, so after seeing my mom finish I went out and came back after a little over a mile. Glad I did, because the awards started earlier than planned!

My time got me first in my age group, and 3rd overall female! Keep showing up! You never know, your competition could be sleeping instead 😜. In all seriousness, I’m so proud of this race and how strong my mental game was during it!


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