Race recap: 2018 Fifth Third River Bank Run 10k (added official race photos)


I’ll get to the actual recap, but I had to start with this. I had a blast last year at the River Bank Run 10k. It was my first time running the 10k and in all honesty, I am not a fan of the 25k. I found it to be incredibly boring. But, I think if you’re into distance running you should do it at least once since it’s the largest 25k in the country! I’ve mentioned it before, but I remember calling my husband at the half marathon marker and telling him I was bored 😂. So, running the 10k for the first time it was definitely more exciting, and being shorter I didn’t really have a chance to feel bored. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel after this past weekend’s 10k. But, I think I may have enjoyed last year more simply because I wasn’t putting as much pressure on myself to achieve a certain goal. I don’t think my heart was really into the goal for this years River Bank Run as much as it was for Gazelle Girl (52:59 — 11 second PR was the goal. I set it pretty last minute.) So, I think moving forward, if I’m not 110% pumped about a race and the goals I set — I will re-evaluate what I want out of it. That unnecessary pressure isn’t worth better race times to me. Stress is not healthy and it makes your gut a breading ground for Candida too. Running is fun and can be such great stress relief, but the competitive side can definitely change that for me. Just something I need to be more cautious and aware of.

Last years River Bank 10k was my first 10k in a long time, so I just wanted to go run it and not think so much about the logistics of getting to the finish line in XX minutes. As much as I love goal setting, I know the pressure I put on myself often takes the fun out of it. That’s why during training for Gazelle my husband suggested I just go out and run and don’t think about the numbers for my outdoor runs that I was beginning to stress about (I was on the treadmill for most of my training runs for Gazelle Girl). It worked! I would go out without saying “I have to hit X:XX pace” and would end up doing what I was “supposed to” run just without the unnecessary pressure. I hate to say it, but that pressure of goal times definitely got to me this time around. I didn’t feel that way at Gazelle because I was so excited for that first attempt at a sub-9 minute pace for the year! I definitely was more excited than stressed going into it…and that’s the way it should be. I need to feel excited about a goal and it has to really mean something to me. While having a meaningful goal is a great springboard to success, setting one that wasn’t super meaningful this time around I don’t think had any factor on why I didn’t hit it. There was just a lot going on physically and it wasn’t my day.

Alright, moving onto the recap!

My husband and I went to the expo Friday night after he got out of work.

I was pleased with the shirts this year. They’re usually pretty ugly, but the design wasn’t bad this time and the shirt quality seemed better.🙌 I forgot to take a picture of it…I’ll try to add it here later.

I set my race day outfit out when we got home. It took me several changes before deciding on this. I had a hard time choosing because the weather made it a little complicated. Rain wasn’t out of the question. It was a little windy. I was hating my choice as we walked to the starting line as I was shivering…and even when I was inside trying to warm up 🤷‍♀️. But, it ended up feeling like a great choice for the race. I was a comfortable temperature throughout. I was just popsicle status before and after the race 😂.

My husband and I got up at 5AM on Saturday and went through our normal pre-race routine and left the house a little after 6AM. We parked around 6:50 and started walking to the starting area. We heard the national anthem being sung for the start of the 5k (that was at 7AM). We had roughly 30 minutes once we got to Devos Place, where we stayed inside most of the time to keep warm as long as possible.

The race started right on time! My head was just not on taking pictures this day and I didn’t get a single picture of my husband and I together before or after the race! Oops! He said he was going to take the beginning easy, and then decide what he felt like doing after that. He has been more focused on weight training, so I was pretty proud of him for still running the race! I was ahead of him until around mile 4.5 when things got tough with the hills. He encouraged me when I told him how awful I was feeling and then headed off.

I fought battles with my body the entire race. I had what felt like gallons of water sloshing inside me…I didn’t drink much that morning. The sloshing led to cramps. I think this was all tied to the vitamin IV I got on Friday, before the race.

Who knows though! Some people swear by them, but it sure didn’t take a hit on the Candida fatigue. I did wake up feeling a bit better Friday morning, but it didn’t last. I was keeping my fingers crossed that the IV Friday afternoon would make me feel like myself, but it didn’t. I fought the pain and really felt like I just couldn’t turn my legs over any faster than they were moving. It was frustrating.

During Gazelle, I felt like I was in “flow” (a feeling described in How Bad Do You Want It). Everything just clicked. My movements were fluid, my mind was focused, and I felt like I was flying through the course without much discomfort (until the last mile — and that discomfort was nothing compared to this race). River Bank was nearly the exact opposite. Everything was forced and just didn’t feel right right from the start. But, I gave it what I had at the time. It just wasn’t my day for that new 10k PR. BUT, I’m super pumped about earning a new COURSE PR! And my husband got a new 10k PR — pretty freaking amazing considering his activity lately has been more strength focused than running focused!

I don’t know how I forgot about the hills being at the end of the race! I should have read my re-cap from last year because I mentioned that I definitely went out too fast those first 4 miles because just as the hills started I was pretty tired. I’m making a note to re-read race recaps if I’m doing the same race in the future. I think that would be helpful to remember going into it what it’s like.

I did go re-read last years recap after the race and found this gem: “My goal for next year is to get into the 8’s for pace on the official results, and not just my watch. It’s tough since I always try to run the tangents but always end up a bit over the actual race distance. I’ll get there eventually!” <— I DID IT!!! I had switched up my goal at the last minute because I had already achieved this at Gazelle Girl. It was nice reading this because it was just another reminder of how far I’ve come and put things into perspective for me again.

Here’s my splits…a little obvious where the hills crept in 😬:

Here’s the official stats:

I’m back on the Candida diet right now, so hopefully I’ll be feeling more like myself soon. In the meantime, I’ll be cherishing these medals because all races are learning experiences. And we all come out stronger after crossing a finish line!

The medal on the left is for the Double Down Challenge (finishing Gazelle Girl and River Bank in the same year).


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