Updated 5/11: Dealing with Fatigue While Training

Everyone is fighting a personal battle. I’m about to be vulnerable and share (and partially re-share) mine.

Let me just start out by saying that extreme fatigue is an awful feeling! I feel like I’m trapped in someone else’s body. Where is my energy?!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably know I was diagnosed with Candida overgrowth over a year ago. It’s a constant battle. I’ll get to feeling great again and slowly reintroduce those banned foods like high sugar fruit, sweet potatoes, squash, legumes, the plant based BCAA protein powder I like, etc. I’ll feel good for a while, and then one day it’ll just hit me like a truck. I’m exhausted. Daily activity seems impossible. I’m really struggling with simple tasks right now and it’s definitely got me scared for this weekend’s race. I’ve spent more time resting than I care to and I’m ready to feel good again.

I’ll be trying something new as a last ditch effort to feel even a little bit more like myself….the Myers Cocktail IV Therapy! Has anyone tried it? It’s like a vitamin drip. My Naturopath offers this and I have an appointment for Friday to receive the treatment. Fingers crossed it at least dulls the fatigue I’m fighting right now because quitting carbs before a race doesn’t seem right either. I hate feeling helpless.

I assumed it was Candida when I started feeling like this, but decided to go in for my yearly general physical and request some blood work. All the typical things they’d test for fatigue came back normal. I did find out my Thyroid Stimulating hormone is a 2.81 (the new guidelines state above a 3.04 would put you outside of normal and into the hypothyroid range). So it’s definitely one to keep an eye on and probably retest as the full panel in the future…especially if my Candida diet doesn’t fix the fatigue. Both my parents and one of my sisters have thyroid issues, so I guess it wouldn’t surprise me if that eventually happens for me too.

My white blood cell count was a little below normal too, so I’m going back in a month to retest. One interesting thing I read said, that lower white blood cell count can happen in elite athletes. While I’m no elite, I put in my share of hard workouts. So maybe that’s why?! It’s never been low before, so it did worry me a bit. The worrier in me hears low white blood cell count and immediately thinks cancer 🙈. The doctor suggested I come back in a month to retest because it can fluctuate.

My last run was my first one on the new treadmill on Tuesday. It’s great, but the run completely kicked my butt and it shouldn’t have been that bad. But it was for two reasons (three of you count my worn out shoes). The gut bacteria issues and I think this one is faster than it says it is…I haven’t tested with my footpod yet. I planned to run today but it’s just not happening. I’m conserving any last bit of energy for this weekend.

I don’t know how I’m going to race this weekend! 🙈 Part of me thinks I should adjust goals…I could give you 5 reasons why- I’m tired. The course is more crowded than Gazelle. There are more turns on the course. And, it’s supposed to rain. The other part of me, and the more dominant side, says just go for it anyway. 🤷‍♀️ I know I’ll just go for it anyways because failure means I at least tried. Excuse means I didn’t.

I hope to lower my Candida levels in the next three weeks so I can have a strong 5k and it will be good momentum going into my next 10k (and the last one I have this year with a goal time!). I went to the local Greenhouse today and felt weak in the knees just walking through the aisles…far from the strong athlete I need to be on Saturday. I got back to my car and had a little breakdown. 😥

I’m going to need all the prayers, good thoughts and vibes sent my way over the next few days. Pray the IV therapy takes the edge off for me, that I can at least make it through the race Saturday, and I can re-heal my gut again post-race. 💗 I’m really hoping for a miracle with the Myers Cocktail and that it carries over through Mother’s Day. 😊 Right now I just don’t feel ‘with it.’

UPDATED 5/11/18:

After posting this I came across a photo on Instagram featuring Hoda Kotb and Carrie Underwood and immediately felt a link to this post. I had heard of the “scandal” with her face, but couldn’t believe the comments on the photo. Google it if you haven’t heard the story about her fall. People saying she made a big deal out of nothing. The fact of the matter is IT WAS a big deal to HER. What she went through was a big deal for her personally. There were people saying how there are much bigger problems in the world, and she was exaggerating it. I felt bad for her! She had never had to go through something like that before, so it was scary and I’m sure difficult to deal with. There is so much hate in the world. I wish people could take a moment and try to put themselves in the other persons shoes and be kind.

I feel the same way….yes, we’re talking extreme fatigue here. But, it deeply affects the daily activities that are a large part of my life. I barely have the energy to read out loud to my daughter right now, playing board games is all on dad now, and running is not even on the radar at the moment. So yes, it is a big deal to me.


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