2018 Training Paces

Official training for my spring races starts the end of the month! 😬 Most of you guys know I’m a big fan of the FIRST plan (from Run Less, Run Faster). So as I’ve mentioned before, I’m still using the book for my shorter races next year. Based off my 5k PR I had in September, I pulled my speedwork paces and my tempo run paces from there. Note: most of my runs in the winter are on the treadmill, so I set it as close to the suggested pace as I can WITHOUT going slower. So, some of the runs I’m forced to push it just a hair faster…but I’m still pretty in line with what those running gurus suggest.👍

It will be interesting once I’m consistently outside to see how I can handle the specific paces. Honestly they seem too fast…they’re really tough on the treadmill, and I tend to feel more confident there. 🤷‍♀️Not too worried about hitting them or not though…as long as the effort is there for each workout, I’m happy.

Excited and ready for race season to start…partially because that means the snow will likely be gone🤣. Side note, I’ve taken a break from the Week in Review posts again. Still keeping at it though! I might start sharing week on Instagram.


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