2017 Goal Review + 2018 Goals

2017 was an interesting year. Some of my goals ended up changing since I decided to backdown from endurance distance races after finishing the Nashville Half. It was a big change for me, and I had a hard time processing it all for a while since this decision was brought on by my dad’s health. I think if I had just decided out of the blue to stop – on my own terms (yes, I know it was totally my own choice) – I wouldn’t have had such a hard time with it. But, it was all very sudden so I felt a little lost without those long distance runs for a little while! For the record, I’m very happy now and very excited about my running goals again!

Now for the 2017 goal review…

I quickly learned that getting to a 5 minute plank wasn’t that important to me. I reached a 4:30 and quit regular planking in February. I’m still pretty happy with that though! ❌

I still ran the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon and obviously was too reserved when it came to goal setting the first time (Big goal was to break 2:14:01). But to be fair, I thought they would have been challenging goals at the time. Then a little bit into the year I decided I was going to aim high and shoot for a sub 2 hour half instead. But after my dads heart attack I decided to run the 10k instead, so my training changed. Then after I realized I couldn’t run the 10k because it sold out, I went back to the sub-2 goal with it being my ‘big’ goal. Talk about flip flopping! So, my training was not as consistent as it could have been had I just had the plan of running the half all along. I had a half after this race, but since I didn’t plan on “racing”it my training was all over the place for this one. My other goal other than that and PR’ing would have been a 2:06 (about a 9:37 pace). I was pretty happy with the 2:04:06 (9:28 pace) I achieved (and new and final half PR). I was and still am content ending my half marathon racing with that.✅/❌


Next up was Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half. Goal was mostly just to have fun (and after seeing the weather forecast, just staying hydrated). I also had set a 2:27:23 and 2:23:52 goals. Official finish time was: 2:20:34.✅


I backed down from the 25k to the 10k at the Fifth Third River Bank Run. I hadn’t run a 10k in a long time so went into it without any specific time goals. I was thrilled with my 57:13.56 (9:03 pace) — even though I wish my pace on my watch was the official (why the struggle running the tangents in a race?!). I had never pushed myself that hard in a race before though! My old 10k time was 1:00:59, so it was a great feeling getting another new PR!✅ The crazy thing is how hard that felt then, and how I’ve already begun to bring down that perceived effort level. Time to celebrate getting stronger! 😀


I changed my goals for the Mackinac Eight Mile after I got new 10k and half marathon PR’s in the spring. So I bumped my speed a bit and had set my big goal being a sub-9:00 pace, and I also wanted a new PR. Especially after not getting a PR last year (I got a 1:17:59, literally missed a PR by 3 seconds), I was super determined to make it happen this time around and BIG! I was slightly crushed when I realized I was going to miss my big goal — especially after having a successful trial run a few weeks prior. Official: 1:12:14 (9:02 pace). But, got a shiny new PR! ❌/✅


My other goals were to continue to run 3x a week and crosstrain 2x a week. I’ve been good about those as minimums. ✅ And to stretch for at least 5 minutes post run. While I didn’t do it after every run, I think I am actually getting better about this (especially since I joined a gym)! My Friday runs have had yoga right after often times, so that makes it easy. Still working on it, but I’d give myself a ✅ for this one.🙌

Overall, I’m super proud of what I accomplished this year. Sure, immediately following some of the races I was bummed. But I’ve made good progress, and that’s all I can hope for! If I look back at what I did the 8 mile race in a few years back….it’s pretty awesome to see the progress! 1:31:27 (11:26 pace) in 2013 to 1:12:15 (9:02 pace) in 2017! It makes me even more motivated and ready to work even harder in 2018!

2018 Goals

I’d like to think of 2018 as the year of the 10K! While I’ll still be doing a 5k or two and the 8 mile, my focus this year will be on 6.2 milers and continuing to work on overall strength!

1. Break a 9:00 minute pace in the 10k on official results. I am planning on four 10k’s next year, so I’ll have a few shots at it!

2. Break a 9:00 minute pace at the Mackinac Island 8 Mile Race official results.

3. Continue HIIT classes 2x weekly for strength. I’m enjoying my lifting / strength workouts, but my training plan doesn’t suggest lifting as the cross training. I’d like to try keeping it. But, I’ve definitely seen how it can make running more of a struggle at times if you’ve got sore leg muscles; timing their place in the week is key! While HIIT definitely works them, I feel like the soreness doesn’t last as long so it shouldn’t be an issue to stick to the workouts. That being said, I may try to keep them if I find a good day to work them in. Off season, I’ll for sure be adding it back along with continuing the HIIT classes.

4. Non-fitness goal – Quit drinking alcohol. I only do it socially, but always regret it afterwards because it affects my sleep and gives me weird skin issues (psoriasis flair ups). Once in a great while I would have a glass of dry wine and not have any adverse effects…but it’s such a crap shoot. It’s not all dry red wine that I’m ok with, and I never remember what ones were ok haha! I know it’s not good for me and health is a top priority in my life, so out with the alcohol. That also means no more wine tasting trips with my family, which were a blast — but, I think this will make my quality of life much better. Not a single sip is my goal for 2018! The photo below is from my husband and I’s 10 year anniversary trip…celebrating with wine, of course! That will change! 🙂

I’ll be updating my races section with what my plans are for 2018 race season, as far as what distances I’m doing in what months.


Cheers (with water now haha!) to next year! May it be a happy, healthy and successful one for us all! What are YOUR goals for 2018?


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