Week(s) in Review: Nov. 27 – Dec. 3 + Dec. 4 – 10

After being so sore I could hardly run after some lower body work, I moved some things around for the second week and I think I found a better schedule this past week that I’ll be able to stick to once official 10k training starts. These past two weeks were a good test to see what I can expect for spring training. Instead of doing another tempo on Sunday’s, I’ll probably just do what I feel. In the winter, especially on snow covered roads, I’m taking it mostly easy — this makes it easy right now to still do lower body strength and not have it interfere with set running “workouts”. Which, I know sounds funny — I’m training for a RUNNING race, right?! Well, I’m just going off past experience with this training plan. I’ve never used the 10k plan, so this part is all new to me. But for longer distances the 3rd day was the easy day. If I feel fantastic and don’t feel like I need an active but easier day, I’ll go ahead and do another tempo. I’ve been wanting to keep my strength workouts even though my training plan doesn’t count it as cross training (I’m going to do HIIT for my cross and the weights/strength workouts will be a bonus). Right now, I’m pretty heavy on the cross training since my goal is to increase strength. I used to have a lot of problems getting injured and my doc always told me it was because I had weak glutes and hamstrings. So fingers crossed this will all pan out for me! I’m really excited for next year’s race calendar!

Here’s what the past two weeks looked like… **note: I forgot to write down the yoga class I take on Friday’s — BOTH weeks 🤦‍♀️** …

Anyone else geeking out about spring training already? I can’t wait for race season to start again!!


How Do You Choose a Race?

I’m going over 2018 plans and it got me wondering how everyone else chooses races? I’m especially curious how you decide on out of state races.

Do you do only local races? If you do some that involves travel out of state, how do you determine what race to register for?

Anyone else big into reading race reviews? They’re usually pretty accurate. For example, we knew going into the Nashville half the first time it was going to be very hilly and weather that time of year was risky. But, the atmosphere was supposed to be electrifying…and it was!


Do you talk to other local runners? Look at possible weather issues (like training in cold temperatures but racing in potentially hot?), or just high risk of thunderstorms?


The past 4 years my family and I have done one out of state race. Next year is no exception, however it will be one we’ve never ran before and it will be just my husband and myself this time around. I’m so excited for it already because the race course covers a stretch that I’ve been dreaming about running for YEARS! Talk about the anticipation! 🤗 We are making it a kid-free date weekend, so I’m looking forward to the time together just us! But more on that another time!

I like to do the bigger local races because the energy at the starting line is always unreal! And, you just can’t beat sleeping in your own bed the night before a race.


For out of state races, I generally look at if it’s a place I’d like to vacation. Often I’m first planning the vacation before deciding to make it a race-cation 😉.

Do you have a bucket list of races? I have one but it needs to be updated since I have dropped long distance races.

Note: I’m working on my 2017 goal review / 2018 goal list post. Should be up soon!