Why You Should Apply to be an Ambassador for Nuun

I’ve been a member of Team Nuun the past two years and have loved it! Next year will be different for me though as I sadly won’t be re-applying during the current member re-application period that started the 23rd. I still have nothing but love for them though!

Nuun has 3 groups of Ambassadors (Nuun Elite, Team Nuun, and Nuunbassadors) that all have different perks, but are all made up of athletes like you who appreciate their natural electrolyte products. Nuun goes through the applications and decides what group you get to join the fun for.

Here’s a few perks…

  • Other than the obvious nice product discount you receive, I have loved the private Facebook group for Team Nuun and Nuun Elite. It’s a great place to share your race successes (or struggles), ask questions, and receive support from like minded athletes.
  •  I’ve met a few other ‘Nuun-ies’ through the opportunity which has been fun too!
  • If you’re flexible with your job and family life, you also have opportunities to race with Team Nuun for free at various events. <— obviously something I couldn’t take part in being a stay at home mom, but there are opportunities!
  • Finding out about new products first, and getting to try new products for free!

So why am I not re-applying for next year?

I am no longer running or biking “endurance” type distances where I’d be highly concerned with a loss of electrolytes. So I definitely won’t be using Nuun Performance since my maximum workout duration (for the most part) is now an hour. Although I still plan on using Nuun Active for those hour long runs or anytime I’m working outside and sweating a lot, I won’t be going through the tablets in the quantity I have the past two years. 

I need to avoid sugar as much as possible, and have found out the small amount of sugar in Nuun Vitamins makes me react (Candida reaction).

It just doesn’t feel like the perfect partnership anymore. While I’ll be sad to leave behind Team Nuun, I’m looking forward to focusing on my new goals and partnering with other brands I believe in, fit my lifestyle, and support the same beliefs that I do.

If you’re a fan of Nuun and are interested in becoming an Ambassador, keep your eyes open on their social media pages for an announcement of when open applications are being accepted. Current member re-application period ends November 5th. Good luck!🍀 


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