Product Review: Project Repat T-shirt Quilt

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember me doing a post about ‘What to do with old race shirts’ as I had a t-shirt quilt made for my grandpa as a Christmas gift two years ago. I have been saving my shirts since I started running regularly, and I did still have a few (but not all) of my shirts from races I did back in high school (when I would run a race or two a year but never run outside of those races 😬…ah to be young again! I could never do that now haha!). I had just a few more shirts than it took to make a Twin size (24 panel blanket). So, when Project Repat reached out to me on Instagram about collaborating, I was so happy! I had already been planning on getting one, so the decision to send them in and share about it was a no-brainer.

One night after my daughter went to bed, I turned on the tv and cut the back sides of all the shirts off (even if there was nothing on the back — just to reduce the weight of the package for shipping).

They instruct you to cut the backs off if there is an image on the back so there is no confusion as to what you want included in the quilt. I had a measuring tape out just to make sure all the images were 12″ or less. Some of the squares the image isn’t centered because the shirt was a v-neck, so the top of the square had to be started below the V — just something to be aware of.

It took quite a while to cut them, but I got it done and everything folded up ready to be put in a box for shipping.

I packaged up the shirts in a small box I had laying around and went to the post office. I looked at the price of the flat rate boxes vs. mailing in what I had and it turned out to be less just mailing it in the box I had. I received an email saying they received my shirts on July 6th and to expect 2-4 weeks for the finished product it to be delivered. I received another email when it was shipped out with the tracking number.

So there I anxiously awaited it’s arrival and jumped for joy when this package showed up on July 27th.

It turned out beautifully! Lots of races, and a lot of firsts. First official 5k, half-marathon, full marathon, triathlon, and century (100 mile) bike ride!

I picked the gray polar fleece for the backing color, but there are six other options. They sewed a Project Repat tag near the bottom right side of the quilt and the back of the tag has washing instructions. I think the quality has gone up since the last one I ordered. The stitching was cleaner. It really turned out great!

Do you wear your race shirts? Or are you saving them for something special, like a Project Repat t-shirt quilt?

*Disclaimer: Project Repat sent me a $110 coupon voucher to use on this quilt, but these are my own honest opinions.


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