I’m (Run) Streaking!

Every time I read something about a run streak I think about Will Ferrell saying, “We’re going streaking!!” in Old School. 😂

If you’ve seen my Instagram account lately, you’ve probably seen the hashtag #streakingwiththeCOOLKIDS. It’s a fun 30 day challenge to motivate yourself to run (or walk) at least 1 mile per day. I’m a little over halfway through #streakingwithrheCOOLKIDS for the month of June. @pinkcupcakegirl is hosting the challenge and has been posting every day on instagram and the private Facebook group to motivate the group. It’s been fun to see everyone’s posts about their progress along the way.

Why do a run streak? Isn’t it a lot of junk miles? Well yeah. If you think running when not following a training plan is considered ‘junk’ miles, then yes. The beauty of not training for half and full marathons for me is getting to try new things…different challenges. Sure, not every run has a specific purpose (other than joy, stress reduction, and increased daily movement)…which, in my book are all pretty good reasons! But, I have been enjoying the push for more movement throughout the day.

I tried this in the past and got hurt (shin pain) and had to quit. I was not being smart about it. On the days I wouldn’t normally run, I was running way too fast. This time around I’ve been taking it easy for the most part. I wasn’t stretching or icing either. I’m still not perfect with remembering to stretch. But I’ve been icing at night regularly. My bursitis has been aggravated, but it’s been manageable.

My goals for the month are to run at least a mile every day, run 100 or more miles total in the month of June, and to meet a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. So far, so good! A few times so far that meant hopping on the treadmill at night to walk for a while. My step count on cross training and rest days in the past were lower. So, this challenge has been a great motivator! Even though I don’t see myself continuing to run daily (if it weren’t for my bursitis I totally would!), I will take up going for a walk daily to increase my step count after the streak is over.

Have you ever tried a run streak, or wanted to try?


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