Pondering a Running Tattoo 

I’ve been thinking about getting a running related tattoo since 2015. I’m clearly not one to commit immediately 😂. At first I thought I’d get 26.2 in Roman numerals like this:

And while my marathons are something I’m proud of, I now think something less specific would be better. I don’t think I would have regretted the 26.2 tat had I actually gotten it done. Running is a big part of my identity, and training for both of them and finishing definitely changed me as a person. But, since February I’ve been playing around with a few designs (they’re similar) that feature a heart, a heart beat line from an EKG with the word Run in there somewhere…and for lack of better words…I freaking love them!

I always said I’d never get a tattoo unless it was something that was incredibly meaningful. This absolutely is!

I chose these possibilities for a few reasons.

  • I love running (simple enough right? 😉 )
  • Running for heart health is one of my top priorities
  • I can’t imagine life without running
  • Running is like the heartbeat of life
  • Even after I can’t run anymore, it will remind me of all the wonderful memories running has given me.

Please keep in mind drawing is not my strong suit, so these would look better if someone with artistic abilities did it 😜. This is just a general idea of the look. I’m having a hard time deciding on which one to get though because I love them all! What do you think? I’m leaning towards the middle one because of the simplicity. I’d probably change the heart shape a bit though. I like the size, loopy-ness (that’s totally a word 😜), and thin lines of this tattoo below. I’d have to meet with a tattoo artist to see what they could come up with to have that general look but include the heart, heart beat lines and the word run. I just don’t want it too look crowded. It needs to fit on my wrist and be ‘dainty’ 🙂.

Funny story…I was ironically out for a run when I saw the middle option design on a bulletin board. I stopped and took a picture so I wouldn’t forget what it looked like. That seems like a sign, right?!

Do you have a tattoo (and is it running related)? How bad is the pain? If you don’t would you ever consider getting one?


One thought on “Pondering a Running Tattoo 

  1. Do it!! I like the first one – “run” is still in there, but blends into the design a bit more seamlessly. I have one on the inner part of my left wrist – the pain isn’t nearly as bad as you’d think. I’m contemplating another in my grandma’s memory, but haven’t put too much thought into a design.

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