Social media + Running Community

I started posting on Instagram and here to keep myself motivated and to document my journey. I’ve found I don’t feel like I need to do so anymore. I am still doing it, but appreciate the fact that running is more of  a part of life now, and something that brings me happiness, rather than it being a chore (most days 😜). I’m really pretty self motivated. But, I love taking photos and it’s fun for me checking up on my favorite athletes.


Even though I’m pretty self motivated, I still get inspired by other athletes sharing their triumphs and struggles. I’ve received messages from people saying I inspired them to start running or to run a specific race…those kinds of comments always surprise me and I love that me just doing my thing has helped people get or stay active. Health and fitness is one of my top priorities so a comment like that always brings me joy and pushes me to keep sharing the good and the bad days.

This was one of my first Instagram posts

For the most part, people have been fantastically supportive and kind. I’ve met fellow Instagrammers (even DURING a race) who I still keep in touch with. But, like anything, there are always a few bad eggs that can ruin things. I’ve had people call my running paces slow 😂….ya’ll know I’m not a speedster and I most definitely never claimed to be speedy; I know I’m not “fast” 💁🏼. But why even say that to someone? Can’t we just keep quiet if we can’t say anything nice? Clearly the person never watched Bambi 😝. We need to be more uplifting of each other. WHY the need to shame people for doing their best? I will never understand that. And secondly, some people are not always running to ‘get faster’ or qualify for Boston. There are far too many assumptions made these days. My mom made the comment that the reason we all run often changes with age too. I agree! I started to get into shape and then got sucked into the endurance challenge of wanting to always do the next big distance. With my switch from endurance running down to focusing on running for heart health (after my half in Nashville) because of what I learned after my dad’s heart attack…it’s a huge change and one that had me feeling an array of emotions. I had to remind myself that I’m still strong as hell, even if I’m not going to be registered for long distance races anymore. I’m still a runner, even if I’m ‘slow’. I AM a runner.

I’ve even witnessed a runner telling someone on social media that they shouldn’t even consider running a marathon if they can’t find time to run at least 5 days a week 🙄. The person being told this was seeking out a training plan for a run 3x a week schedule <– which is totally doable 🙋. It’s just one of those instances I just shook my head and wondered why they felt the need to discourage someone. Remember, we are all different. If they didn’t have a plan suggestion, they shouldn’t have said a thing. Right?!

I love this post by run4pr’s on Instagram. It was a fantastic reminder to do what you love and don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing or saying…

Yes! THIS! 👆

So let this serve as a reminder to us all. Please be kind. Just because someone else makes different choices than you doesn’t mean they’re any less or more of a runner or human being. Do what you love and don’t judge someone for making different life choices. And, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” <— Thanks again, Bambi.

I will still post here and on Instagram and blog, but don’t be surprised if I vanish for a little while. I probably just need a social media cleanse or detox. 😬


4 thoughts on “Social media + Running Community

  1. omg!! I seriously do not understand why someone would take the time to call out your pace (which I think is pretty speedy). I am a serious turtle when it comes to running (or run/walking – if you will) but I hope by sharing my race experiences, I could encourage fellow turtles to get out there and do it – like you said, not everyone wants to qualify for Boston or even PR at every race. I just do it to have fun and it gives me the motivation to exercise.


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