Race recap: Fifth Third River Bank Run 10k

This was my first time running the 10k at this event. The longest distance at the race is the 25k, and it’s the largest 25k in the country. After running the 25k twice, it was cool to see what the 10k course was like. Spoiler alert: I liked it a lot more than the 25k!

My husband and I did packet pick up at the expo on Friday around 5pm. The shirts are always cotton and not very exciting. I always expect them to have better shirts because the size of the event. You can pay extra and get the design on a wicking shirt though. Since I don’t usually wear the race shirts, it doesn’t bother me too much. I’m saving the shirts for a t-shirt blanket/quilt.

I laid out my stuff the night before the race.
We got downtown at about 7am and parked by the YMCA, which is about a mile from the race start area. So we walked down and hung out inside Devos Place while we waited for the race to start.

I definitely went a little too fast the first 4 miles. So I got tired just as the hills started 😬. Great timing, right?! Haha I needed this race to figure out how to pace for a 10k. I feel like I got it down for the longer races, but I am starting from scratch for this distance. It’s a never ending journey of learning and really figuring out what works for me. I felt like it was kind of crowded feeling for quite a while. I saw my husband get frustrated when he was a bit ahead of me, and he went way around a group of people. But, for the most part it wasn’t terrible. Nothing like the crowds in Nashville.

The first 4 miles were really flat, then around the bridge area there were some hills. I also hilariously dropped my GoPro after taking this picture🙈…there is a first time for everything haha! I had an O.M.G. moment and quickly picked up the case and the broken latch piece and kept on going. So happy the camera is ok and happy to find the replacement latches for super cheap on eBay! I ordered two just because I can’t imagine I’m done being a klutz lol 😬.

I felt pretty good throughout the race really, other than feeling a little fatigued towards the end. The last mile I did feel slightly sick but was fine.  Not sure if that was lack of water during the race or what. I missed having my hydration pack that’s for sure! They had a few water stations and I did take a cup, but didn’t drink much at them.

After crossing the finish line I walked a bit towards the tents with all the post-race goodies. They had greek yogurt, bagels or some sort of carb, watermelon, orange slices, granola bars, water, and chocolate milk (maybe more, but that’s all I can remember).

I found my husband and we walked to the Gazelle Sports tent so I could claim my ‘Double Down’ medal for completing the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon a few weeks prior to this race.

We stood in that area for a little bit and listened to the live music. It was neat because they had a huge screen up in that area that had video tracking the 25k leaders along with what mile they were on. If had had more time, I would have stuck around to see them finish. It’s so exciting to watch!

A guy wearing a Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville shirt saw my husband wearing his too and came over to chat. Small world, right?!

Here’s the race results…

I accidentally stopped my watch on the wrong mat, thinking it was the finish line mat when it was just the one so they could see who was coming in to announce it. They did say my name too! Anyway, my watch is 3 seconds off from the official time because of that mistake.

My goal for next year is to get into the 8’s for pace on the official results, and not just my watch. It’s tough since I always try to run the tangents but always end up a bit over the actual race distance. I’ll get there eventually!

We recovered in stripes.😊

If you’re in the Grand Rapids or Grand Haven area, what are your favorite 10k’s?


5 thoughts on “Race recap: Fifth Third River Bank Run 10k

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely race day 🙂 I struggle pacing myself for 10k too – feel like I do a much better job at half marathons! I love the two bracelets you’re wearing, such motivational words… may I ask where they’re from?!


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