Week in Review: April 2 – 8

I took a few weeks break from doing these weekly recaps, but what better way to return to this than with a vacation week! 🙂 These pics are a lot more fun than the dreary ones I took at home haha! My husband, daughter and I rented a house in Marco Island and had a great time soaking up the sun there for a week.

It’s pretty rare I run 5 days a week, but without a road bike to crosstrain I turned to running this week for all my workouts.

Sunday – This was our first full day in Marco Island, Florida and I was dying to go for a run. It was a humid hazy morning. I decided to just go for a short 2 miler to attempt to acclimate to the heat and humidity. My hair down looked like a lion mane if that was any indication of how bad it was haha! It definitely made me nervous for doing my long run in these conditions. It takes so long for me to get used to running in the heat…and I don’t know if I ever actually do haha! But, I’ll take it over not being able to feel my face or fingers on a run!IMG_7019.jpg

Monday – Speed work day! 5.65 miles total (1 mile warm-up, 6×800 with 1:30 recovery betweeen, 1 mile cooldown <— the plan.) But I got all messed up because I missed my watch buzzing for the first recovery period. So it was a bit off, but still a great workout even with walking for the recovery periods. I wore my hydration pack so I wouldn’t have to stop to drink or pass out 😂. I got to see the beautiful sun rise, which was so worth getting up early on vacation!

After my run, I got cleaned up and we went on a dolphin cruise. It was a blast!
Tuesday – Ran 3 easy miles (9:58 avg pace).

Wednesday – 6 mile progression run (10:17, 9:45, 9:42, 9:35, 9:33, 9:14) and another sunrise view! It was 100% humidity and I could definitely feel it! It’s crazy how much harder it feels to run in those conditions. But, I’m definitely thankful for the change for a week!

Thursday – Rest day. Did lots of waking though (hit over 17,200 steps…not too bad for just walking!). Went to the beach and did an AM walk and a PM walk. 

Friday – 13.1 mile run (2:11:10, 10:00 pace) <— Personal best for a half! 🙌 I felt awful the entire time, so I’m proud of this. I am also proud of myself for sticking to my plan of holding back for the first 6 miles (all of which were above a 10 minute mile). I felt like I definitely had the energy to go faster but everything hurt. The bursitis in my left knee (from the GR marathon) is still bothering me, so it’s not really fun pushing it. One great thing was today was the coolest temperature of the week…totally lucked out there!!

Saturday – Travel day back home to Michigan.

It feels good to be home and I’m excited for some more spring like temperatures!

What is your favorite place to vacation? Do you like to run on vacation?


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