Week in Review: March 5-11

I had a great start to the week getting to run outside with my mom in fairly comfortable temperatures (windy enough I needed my Shoe Hoodies though). It quickly got cold again though which left me chickening out to run outside on Saturday in addition to just being unbearably sore. I tried BBG again and remembered why I quit last time 😂…it’s not something to do while training for a half marathon. Anyway, I’m ready for spring (and vacation!).

Here’s a quick look at the week:

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Ran 6 miles with my mom…always fun!

Tuesday – Biked 30 minutes of intervals….so eager to get these shoes outside on the bike!

Wednesday – Ran 6 (1 easy, 5 at 9:22). I felt pretty strong on this one!

Thursday – Rest day. Walked 3.5 miles.

Friday – 22 minutes on the bike + 23 minutes of circuit training (part of BBG week 1). It was a nice change, but I don’t know how anyone does them and trains for running races too. And it’s supposed to be a 28 minute workout… I cut it short because I only wanted 45 minutes total today. Still, it entirely kicked my rear! I would like to ease into it after I recover from Nashville and see how I feel then. I may try the arms/abs day earlier since I can still run sore like that.😬 I just can’t mess with my legs right now that’s for sure!

Saturday – Supposed to run 9 with my husband, but I chickened out when I woke up to this:Planned to get on the treadmill after my dermatology appointment instead of going outside with Scott, but yesterday’s workout really set in and I bagged it. I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I’ve ever skipped a long run in training (other than right before Disney Princess when I was injured from trying new shoes). Not too concerned though since I did 12 last week and am technically going down in miles now that I’m doing the 10k at Gazelle instead of the half. I’m still working back up to 13 for Nashville, but will be at 10 next week.
I’ve had a little mole on my chin for as long as I can remember, but it recently grew in size and was sore so I had it removed. It’s being tested, so I’ll know in two weeks but the doc didn’t seem very concerned with it. 🙌 So I’m now sporting a bandaid there for a little while.😬

Random, but anyone else dread Daylight Saving Time? Eeek loosing an hour of precious sleep is the worst 😜. But, at least that means we are really getting closer to Spring! I actually surprised myself and didn’t feel too tired when I woke up Sunday🎉.


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