Home Gym Reveal

I’ve been so excited to have my home gym completed, and it’s actually done! It was a slow process since our builder was doing it as a side project when him and his crew could squeeze in the work. So, I’m thrilled to finally have my own space to workout and unwind.

I had some canvas paintings I made a long time ago and didn’t like them, so I flipped them over and painted the wood and edging white, and filled them with wine corks I have collected from wine tasting trips to use as a bulletin board. I have one on each side of the window to keep bike and running workouts on.

I painted an old bulletin board with some leftover wall paint we had from upstairs and hung some motivational posters on it.

Lots more room to expand on my bib wall. I just hung some wire up and attached my bibs with safety pins. My husband suggested I start a boarder around the room after I run out of space on this wall.I love the arrow curtain rod I found at Target! It was perfect for displaying my medals. I’ll have to rethink medal displays as I will be running out of space in this one soon though 😜.

The wood beam in the room I had them leave and I turned it into another bulletin board by putting up some cork board squares.

We somehow lost some weight plates during our move haha! They must be here somewhere…I just have to dig through our storage room.

This area will be used for yoga, foam rolling and stretching.

I love this room! It’s definitely my ‘happy place’ 😊.


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