Week in Review: Feb.18-25

This week proved that doing more than you should is a recipe for disaster. I was flat out exhausted. The past few weeks of speedier than normal runs have caught up to me. I am so glad I adjusted my plan based off an actual outside run because basing it off a treadmill run was dumb and left me feeling sore and not excited about running. So I ended up with extra rest this week, but I’m hopeful I’ll feel great for next week and ready to tackle my (readjusted) goals.

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – I took an extra rest day today because my legs were toast from Saturday’s ‘speedy’ long run.

Tuesday – Ran 5 easy treadmill miles (10:20 pace).

Wednesday – Ran 7 miles on the treadmill (1 easy, 2 at 8:41, 1 easy, 2 at 8:41, 1 easy) in my finished gym!

Thursday – Rest day. My dad had a stress test and ended up back in the emergency room 🙁. It was another nerve wracking day! But turned out positive. He is doing great!

Friday – Ran 11 miles on the treadmill. Supposed to be HMP+30 seconds (so 10:13, so I set the treadmill to the closest setting at 10:10). Planked 3:19 (haha….it’s been a little while! Oops! 🙊). I also did some forearm stand practice and was able to get into it without using the wall! That’s a first for me! It was such a cool feeling!

Saturday – Biked 40 minutes (10 easy, 30 tempo).

Last weekend I freaked out when I realized I was technically 2 weeks behind in training. My long run mileage was accurate (if I planned on a 1 mile increase each week) but I wasn’t even looking at the book for my weekday runs. It kind of snuck up on me! Ready to get a fresh start on Monday! I also realized the half plan has you going up to 15 miles and it isn’t a gradual increase each week. There are some cut back weeks too…which is why I freaked out about being behind. So I’m modifying the plan a bit. Below are my suggested paces based off my recent 5k time outside. Just like what I thought about the suggested paces for my marathon last fall, it seems like a bit of a stretch. But, shooting for this will get me a decent PR even if I don’t hit 9:43. For reference, the book said my MP was a 10:18, and we did 10:49 (which was still a gigantic PR). So, I’m just going to trust that this plan will get me to another good PR! My current is 2:14:01 (10:14 pace). When I set my goals for the year in January, they were definitely ‘baby step’ goals. I really would like to get a sub 10 pace. I know I can do it, I just have to get out of my head during the race and push through. I wish running faster outside was equivalent to running on the treadmill…I’m shocked at what I can do on the treadmill, but can’t seem to duplicate those paces outside.

Here’s to a fresh start this week! I hope you all had a good week. 


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