How I (temporarily) Lost Sight of My Love of Running

fb-img_9567Leave it to my mom to remind me why I am a runner. I am a runner for so many reasons. But I seem to have misplaced my love of running in the chase of getting faster. The past few weeks I’ve been focusing on speed and it kind of made me loose sight of all the fun that is running. Do I need to be faster? Heck no! I’m obviously not a professional athlete, so no…I don’t HAVE to focus on speed. Sure, achieving new PR’s is so exciting! But, I just realized that if I’m unhappy I’m obviously putting too much pressure on myself. In my moms words, “it’s your type ‘A’ personality…it’s a double edged sword. You achieve your goals but you put too much pressure on yourself.” She said, “Why don’t you look at your current PR and try to take 5 minutes off?” I explained my thing about not taking baby steps because I didn’t with the marathon last fall. She said, “It’s all or nothing!” My dad laughed and said, “that’s my girl!” 😂 He’s an all or nothing type of person too, so that’s probably where I get that from. I told my husband this story and he said, “Yeah! Like riding the Holland 100, when there was a 30 mile option available.” I will admit, I do have those ‘go big or go home’ tendencies. But, I know it’s not always for the best.a1-fb-img_8704If pushing that hard is going to make me loose sight of my love for the sport then I guess I don’t want it that bad. Back to those smaller more realistic goals and continue working my way down to that sub-2 hour half marathon time. It will happen, but I’m not willing to give up my happiness in this journey to get there that’s for sure!

I took a look at the charts in the Run Less, Run Faster book and changed my 5k time to what I recently did outside (27:30), instead of a treadmill run (25:35) because outside is harder for me and basing half marathon training off the treadmill time probably wouldn’t be smart. After I changed my targets, I got really excited again! Yay for finding that joy again! 😊

Have you ever lost sight of your love for this sport? What was your wake up call that brought you back?


One thought on “How I (temporarily) Lost Sight of My Love of Running

  1. With me it was cycling, I had to pull myself back into it with the same mindset as you talk about here. It takes the joy out of it when you have the go big or go home mentality as you mentioned.


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