Week in Review: Feb. 5 – 11

Inconsistent with my daily planks this week, BUT a new PR was set!! I’m getting so close to my 5 minute goal now and that makes me so happy!

Here’s a run down on this week…

Sunday – Biked 45 minutes of interval work. I decided to brand my helmet with a Nuun decal while I was dreaming of getting my bike outside. Planked 3:07. It felt really hard today and left me wondering how I ever made it to 4 haha! 

Monday – Ran 6 miles outside (9:26 pace). I didn’t plan on doing that today, but the sun was shining so I went outside to soak it up and just enjoy my time out there. It was cold, but the sun made it worth it! Planked 3:46.

Tuesday – Rest day. Walked 3 miles. Skipped my plank 😱. I think I pushed back on my heel in yesterday’s plank and pulled my right calf muscle. It’s pretty tender.

Wednesday – Ran 5 miles (9:19). A lot faster than planned, but I was rushing to get it done before the painter showed up for my gym. Planked 5:02 — This needs some backstory because I did not make it to 5 minutes in a forearm plank. I decided to have some fun with the daily plank today and just switch from forearm to left side plank to right side plank and back to forearm plank. So it was a continuous 5 minutes, but I was not in forearm plank the entire time. This was a whole lot easier 😂.

Here’s the wall color I picked for the home gym. Making progress! Can’t wait to share more pics once it’s done.

Thursday – Rest day. My calf feels better now. Didn’t make it on the treadmill to walk, but I did errands most of the day and got in lots of walking. Planked 4:30!<—New forearm plank PR!!! 🎉 Today I bought the curtain rod I’m going to be using to hold my race medals on a wall in my home gym. It’s an arrow, which I love for the symbolism of moving forward.

Friday – Ran 9 easy paced miles on the treadmill (10:14 pace). Really thankful I got out on Monday because today was freezing and windy and all kinds of ewwww in the morning. Forgot to plank.

Saturday – Biked 30 minutes as a recovery ride from yesterday. Walked 3.5 miles on the treadmill. We had my sister in law and niece over for the weekend and I got lazy and skipped my plank. Just keeping it real 😜.

I’m kind of shocked its almost Valentine’s Day! Do you celebrate it? ❤️ I’m looking forward to a day-date with my husband, who is taking the day off so we can spend the day together. We have plans to go for a hike and have lunch together before picking up our daughter from school. We usually don’t really celebrate the holiday, as it does seem a bit Hallmark. But, it’s a great excuse to take a vacation day and spend quality time together.


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