Product Review: Lumo Run Sensor

I was so excited when Lumo Run reached out to me about trying out their running sensor. I had seen it on Instagram and was very intrigued by the product. I know my form could use some improvements, and I was curious what I would learn from Lumo Run.Inside the box is the sensor, an instructional booklet, and a charging cord. You need to charge the sensor before using for the first time. The end of the oval sensor comes off and you can plug in the cord there.

The sensor is small and clips on the back of your running shorts/pants. It’s small enough that you don’t know it’s there while you’re running.When I received it, I did a test run outside in the snow. I ran with my phone and the Lumo Run app on. It talked to me periodically throughout the run explaining what it was doing.

The goal is to get all green lines on your metrics data. This was my first run with the sensor. As you can see, I had some work to do!

I love that it gives you tips during the run as well. I’m very visual, and it told me to picture yourself to be running through puddles but trying not to splash. It was amazing what that simple suggestion did for me. I was able to improve my cadence. It gave me a goal of getting to 171 on a future run, and I got to 175. So I was pretty excited with that improvement! I noticed I wasn’t doing my bad habit of crossing my left arm across my body as it swings, my posture was better, and I was taking more steps to increase my steps per minute and hit my goal cadence. It told me I was doing a good job and to, “remember how this feels.”

Here’s a screenshot of the next run with the sensor (with improvements!).
If you click on each metric section, it shows you what it means and you’re given different exercises you may do to help improve that data. For example, with it telling me I needed to work on cadence after the test run I was able to click on that part of the metrics data and it suggested I try 3 exercises to improve cadence (Line toe taps, front skips, and high knees). All of the exercises were linked to videos right in the app for directions on how to do them.

This is like gold! I could have told you my cadence isn’t great because that data is also collected with my Garmin Fenix GPS watch. But, the watch certainly doesn’t tell you how to correct it. The GPS watch doesn’t collect the other data either, so I see Lumo Run as a total game changer for runners looking to improve their form to become more efficient and reduce injuries.

There are settings you can adjust in the app to get it to coach you more or less, depending on your preference.Overall thoughts:

Fantastic product! I really enjoyed my time using it. I’m so forgetful though that I often forget to put it on before a run. I don’t know if I ever see myself getting to the point where these changes in movement feel ‘natural’ and second nature. But, it’s definitely possible! It’s something I’d have to be very committed to though. If anything, it’s made me aware of how to correct my running form flaws. It’s just a matter of doing those exercises and being committed to continuing to avoid the old habits. Will I? In all honesty, probably not. But, if you’re a tech ‘geek’ and have recurring injuries this might be something to look into. Poor running form can definitely lead to injuries.

The product sells for $100 on their website. Are you intrigued like I was? You can purchase the Lumo Run sensor for a 10% discount with code: mittenrunner10.

Disclaimer: Lumo Run supplied me with the product at no cost to me, but this review contains my honest opinion of the product.


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