Week in Review: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4

Really strong week for me, as I pushed myself on two of my runs with some sub 9 minute paces for 7-8 miles. The last one was super rough…I think if it would have been a race and I kept that pace up for another 5.1 miles, I probably would have finish line puked 😂. Lots more work to be done to get to a point where it’s not that terrible 😉.

Here’s how it played out…

Sunday – Rest day. Planked 3:16.

Monday – Ran 7 miles (8:59 pace). This was me dreaming of a sub 2-hour half marathon. It’s on my goals for the future, but why not start working for it NOW?! I have yet to make it into the 9’s for pace, so it sounds a bit silly to me. But, I like working hard for something. So, I’ll be throwing in some of these tough tempo runs now in hopes of boosting race day performance. (Pic taken outside after my run). Planked 1 minute x 3 with 10lb. weight on my back (30 seconds recovery between).

Tuesday – Ran 6 easy miles (4 outside, 2 on the treadmill). I got sick of running through tire tracks so I took it inside for the last 2.  Planked 3:33.

Wednesday – Biked 45 minutes + walked 4 miles. Focused on low gear, high turnover rate. Training my legs to move more quickly! Planked 1 minute x 3 with 30 seconds between (and a 10lb. weight on my back).It was sunny for the SECOND day this year! It was hilarious because all my friends in the area were posting pictures of the sun haha! We all missed it!

Thursday – Rest day. Walked 3 miles. Planked 2:00…I honestly just didn’t feel like it anymore so I called it quits at 2.😜

Friday – 8 miles on the treadmill (8:56 avg pace).I did 2 at 9:05, 3 at 8:57, and 3 at 8:47. Was hoping to get some hills in today, but the weather forecast was ridiculous (real feel 4 degrees…no thanks!). I decided to stay inside and put some more work into my sub-2 Half goal. Planked 3:39.

Saturday – Planked 1 minute x 3. My body was feeling this week! I needed a day of relaxation. I ended up skipping my bike and walk today. We had a pretty lazy morning, just doing stuff around the house. We finally got the last pieces of art work hung up on our walls that have been sitting on the floor since we moved in. I feel like it’s finally “complete” now — except the gym! We went to the library in the afternoon and my daughter picked out some new books to take home and I finished this post up :). We finally found a place that will service our address for home internet. It’s so expensive though, so just trying to determine if it’s do-able or not. It sure would be nice!img_5071

My home gym construction is at a stand still. The painter never showed up this week. Booo! We have since rescheduled for Monday, so here’s to hoping it gets done this week!

I’m looking forward to next week. I’ve got my daughter’s class Valentine’s Day party the end of the week, and my sister-in-law and niece are coming to stay with us for the weekend. It should be fun! And fitness related: I’m planning on a progression run of 6-7 miles, an easy 5 miler, and a hilly long run of 8-9 (depending on roads and weather I might end up attempting hills on the treadmill) + 2 bike rides (one hard/easy interval ride and one easy ride the day after my long run just to get the legs moving). Fingers crossed for good outdoor conditions for my long run!

Do you use a treadmill in the winter months? What are your thoughts on it? I really like using it for tempo runs. Part of me thinks I can only achieve those paces while running on a treadmill! It does feel easier to me. My husband on the other hand thinks that if you can run X pace on a treadmill, you can definitely do it outside. My mom swears running outside is easier too (ex: running a 9:00 pace outside would feel like a 7:00 pace on the treadmill.) Hmmm…we shall see I guess!


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