Hand Engraving Race Medals

I have a gallon sized plastic bag filled with my race medals and have been wanting to get them engraved for a while. Once my home gym is finished they will have a nice display area, so it got me thinking about engraving them again. But, being the Dutch girl that I am, I didn’t want to pay someone $$$ to do it for me.

Just when I thought my love for Amazon.com couldn’t be any deeper 😜, I find this cordless precision tip engraver. Yes! Just what I need and at a bargain price of $14.68 (as of 1/25/17) #winwin. Please note, prices on Amazon fluctuate. It came with the required 2AAA batteries.

I engraved 26 medals with it. You can engrave glass, ceramic and plastic as well.  I had one issue where the bit came loose. It comes with a little Allen wrench to tighten up the bit screw though. I actually think I over tightened it, so replacing the bit down the road might turn out to be more like replacing the entire unit. But we’ll see…and for the price, I’m pretty happy with it. So, just be careful when you tighten the bit screw.

I started out with some medals I didn’t care a lot about to get a feel for it, and then worked my way up to some really special ones. I didn’t want to mess up my 1st half and full and my second full either!

I found that you don’t have to use much pressure when using the pen. I think the bit was out too long for the first few I did and the bit was a little squirrelly. I also found that the type of medal used and the finish really affected the results. My first medal from the 2002 Mackinac Eight Mile had a slightly rough back and it’s a bit hard to read. Side note, my first race was the 2001 Lilac Festival 10k but they didn’t give out finishers medals for the race at the time (and I didn’t really start running regularly until 2013). Below is the medal that didn’t engrave very well. My Disney Princess medal from last year is super bumpy on the back too so that one didn’t turn out great either. Overall though, most look great and I’m happy to have all my times recorded on them.

So, if you’re interested in doing the same, look up this product on Amazon!


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