Team Nuun 2017


I am so excited to continue to represent this fabulous company as an ambassador on their competitive team, Team Nuun!

My how much I’ve grown in the past year!  Nuun kept me hydrated all through my training and races last year, which has been awesome because I’ve avoided those exercise induced headaches by keeping my electrolytes balanced. I love their products because it’s all you need for proper hydration without all the unnecessary ingredients found in many other sports drinks.

Team Nuun Biography <— 👋 . My bio on their website feels outdated. It will eventually get updated though 😊.

In addition to Team Nuun, they also have an Elite team and a group of Nuun Ambassadors. With all of us, it’s a big group of Nuun loving athletes! The benefits of each group is different, but we all got the same ‘badge’ this year because we are one big family! Consider applying next year if you are a fan of their products.

Do you use Nuun? What are your favorite products and flavors? I mostly use Active, and honestly have a hard time choosing a favorite flavor. It changes constantly! Tropical, Citrus Fruit and Orange have been up there lately though. Watermelon in the summer always tastes like a bit of a treat during or after a run.


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