Week in Review: Jan.8 – 14

Two of my three runs this week I felt were pretty solid. A tempo and a progression run. I really like those challenging workouts, but know there is definitely a place for easy runs too.

Here’s this weeks recap:

Sunday – Ran 3.1 easy miles in the snow. It was a stressful day and after being in the car for several hours, going for a run just made sense. Planked 2:52.

Monday – Rest day. Planked 2:10.

Tuesday – Ran 5 miles. 1 easy at 10:31, 3 at 8:34, 1 easy at 10:00. Planked 2:57.

Wednesday – Biked 45 minutes + walked 3 miles on the treadmill. I decided that I’m going to switch up my planking routine. If I feel like I’m not going to set a new personal record, I will do 1:00×3 with 30 seconds recovery between. Today was one of those days! Planked 1:00 x 3 with 30 sec. recovery between.

Thursday – The plan was for an easy paced 7 miles outside, but my daughter had a snow day for school (not because of snow, but all the rain from yesterday freezed so it was a slick mess). So, I got it done on the treadmill instead and ended up doing a 7 mile progression run starting at 10:00 and ending with 7:47 pace). I didn’t do a full mile at 7:47 (.70). I was pretty thrilled with this run though. It had me reflecting on how far I’ve come the past few years. Planked 2:23.

Friday – Biked 30 minutes + walked 3 miles on the treadmill. Planked: Finally broke 3 minutes!! I forgot to make note of it here, but I think it was 3:01. byob = be your own best.😊

Saturday – Rest day. Planked 3:18.

Half way through January! 🙀 Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for Shoe Hoodies on my Instagram page. The contest closes on today at Noon EST, so enter soon if you’re like me and need some help keeping your toes warm this time of year!

Lets chat planking! After 2 weeks of daily forearm planks, I’m left feeling like I need more core and arm strength to get to my goal of 5 minutes. I’m happy I broke 3 again, but I feel like any longer seems impossible. Perhaps I need some supplemental exercises to build strength. Have you reached a 5 minute plank? What tips for success do you have?


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