Product Review: Shoe Hoodies

Anyone else dread when the temperatures drop, simply because your feet get so cold being outside? Fall is so beautiful and when the temperatures start to transition to winter, my toes are among the first places that I am affected. It can be down right painful when they get so cold! And as many of you know, I somehow got frostbite on them last winter. So, avoiding that again this winter has been a top concern for my outdoor runs.

Renee, Shoe Hoodies VP of Sales, shared their backstory with me.

“…my brother’s wife belonged to a running club and after a late fall run, she came home with duct tape flapping (it never stays on) and toes that were freezing cold and wet. My brother launched an extensive search to see if there was anything like this on the market. He then took a sewing class-yes, my brother took a sewing class, and he did a prototype of the first Shoe Hoodie, four years ago. The rest is history. Last fall we launched at the Twin Cities Marathon and only had three colors. This spring we ordered nine new colors with a reflective logo. We also rounded the corners for a better toe fit, had the manufacturer trim some of the excess material for a sleeker Shoe Hoodie, and provide 2 strips of adhesive loop in each packet, vs one, with two colors, black and white.”

Thankfully, after posting a photo of my running shoes covered in duct tape on Instagram, Shoe Hoodies shared their product with me on there. ducttaperunningshoes.png

They were kind enough to send me a pair to try out, and I will be forever thankful for that! My toes have been comfortable ever since! They arrived the same day as the Yaktrax that I bought off Amazon, so I was ready for winter running.

The Shoe Hoodies come in a few different sizes based on your shoe size. No worries if you have a wide width shoe, the elastic in them makes them fit all widths. They are available in 12 different colors as well.

They come with two sets of velcro (a black and a white color). You cut each rectangle into 4 equal strips (about 3/8″) and apply to a clean shoe before attaching the cover. You should wait 24 hours before using to ensure they’ve adhered properly. I was a little anxious, so I didn’t get pictures of everything out of the package before I cut the velcro strips.

I wore an old pair of Smartwool socks that I had from downhill skiing when I tested them out for the first time. My feet were so warm with them and the Shoe Hoodies! It was the perfect combination. It was 12 degrees out, with a real feel of -3 degrees. So it was COLD! When it’s this cold, my feet normally would never warm up even after a few miles. So, I was thrilled  that these kept my feet dry and warm from the start, and throughout the run. You definitely still have to wear the appropriate socks, but Shoe Hoodies made winter running comfortable for me! They work because they’re excellent at blocking the wind and trapping the heat inside the shoe since they’re made of premium ski jacket polyester.

While using duct tape definitely worked, it started peeling off after a few runs. I could see that ending up costing a lot more than just one roll for a season of running, and it was a little annoying having to try to re-stick it or put a little more tape over the top.
The nice thing about the Shoe Hoodies is that you can remove them at any time and keep the velcro on the shoe. If you run outside one day and have to run inside the next, you can still stay comfortable and just remove them for your indoor run. They can easily be re-attached. So there is no need to have a designated outdoor winter shoe.🙌🏼

If you decide to retire the pair of shoes the Shoe Hoodie velcro is attached to, they offer replacement velcro for just $4 for two 5″ strips in your choice of white or black.

I would highly recommend Shoe Hoodies to anyone who spends time outside in the colder months walking or running. They’ve definitely saved me from using the treadmill for all my winter runs! They are affordable too, at only $22 a pair and a great color selection! Please note that their older style is currently available for $12, but I’d say spend the little extra and get the newer version as it has some nice new features that will help you get a better fit around your shoe.

Do you want a pair of Shoe Hoodies? Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram page for a giveaway that starts TOMORROW, 1/12/17. The giveaway will close at Noon on Monday, 1/16/17, and the winner will be announced on the original giveaway photo shortly after.

Disclaimer: I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest review.


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