Bucket List Races (Part 2)

Last year I did a blogpost about some races that were on my bucket list. I took a look at it and decided it needed to be updated. I had some on there that sounded fun, but I probably wouldn’t ever do. I just can’t think of a reason I could make a vacation out of a race in the middle of nowhere in South Dakota 😜 (no offense SD residents! ❤️).

I also cut the Nike Women’s Half Marathon, because I wasn’t thrilled about any of the locations. They sound like fun races and I love the Tiffany necklace ‘medal’, but I have to really want to be in the city if it’s one I have to fly to.

After a bit more research I decided Rangar is probably not for me. I’m not a huge fan of night running, especially if you could be alone. So that got the axe. I like the team aspect though.

I removed the GR 10 Mile Bridge Run because I’m planning on running it in 2017! 😊

That brings me to my new list!

  1. The Chicago Bank of America Marathon A flat course with awesome views…yes, please! If I apply for lottery and don’t get in, I’d try to run for charity the year I decide I want to do it (and have childcare taken care of).
  2. Disney World Half Marathon (photo courtesy of Hidden Mickey Guy). I would probably just do the half marathon, since it would be first and foremost a family vacation like our trip earlier this year for the Princess Half. I didn’t fully enjoy the Princess race, but I’ve heard that Marathon Weekend is more fun…and their race bling is always beautiful!
  3. Bayshore Half MarathonBeautiful views of the Traverse City Bay. I’d love to do the half here! This would be something I’d have to really plan for because it’s always super close to my birthday and Memorial Day, when we generally are with family. It kills me that the race is ON my birthday in 2017 and I’m not doing it. That would have been one heck of a way to celebrate!
  4. North Country Trail Run(photo courtesy of The Everyday Warrior). I’d still love to run the half here. The gigantic medals and the fact that it’s a trail race are draws for me. I haven’t done many trail races, and I’d love to do more. It’s a fairly hilly and technical course, so it’s well deserved medal. The race offers a 50 mile ultra, marathon, and a half. If you run the half on Saturday, you can run it again on Sunday and get a crystal trophy for completing it 2x. I’m crazy enough to actually consider doing that! 😂

5. Park 2 Park Half Marathon  This race is still on my list from last time. We moved to closer to the lakeshore, so this is a must! You start and finish at the Ottawa County Fairgrounds. It follows the shores of Lake Macatawa to Holland State Park, and then heads to Tunnel Park and back to the Fairgrounds.

What races are on your bucket list? Have you done any on mine? Thoughts on the races?


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