Week in Review: Dec. 11-17

It sure has been a cold and snowy December! I haven’t skipped my runs, but I haven’t been outside running in it yet (besides for some photos haha!). I’m so scared of getting frostbite again, BUT I am going to try some new things this week to get myself out there again. The temperatures are supposed to creep back up to ‘normal’ (low 30’s) and I figure that’ll be a good time the end of the week to try out the new tips I picked up.

Here’s what this past week looked like…

Sunday – Biked 35 minutes of mostly easy effort with a few 1-3 minute hard efforts mixed in there. This was my view 😍. The sign is the one my daughter made to cheer us on at the GR Marathon back in October. I’m saving it forever! 

Monday – Ran 3.1 miles (8:17 pace). I wanted to see what I could do today pushing myself on the treadmill. That’s pretty speedy for me! My daughter had a snow day from school. I took some running pics outside last weekend because I knew I’d probably end up treadmilling it for one reason or another and outdoor pics are more fun than indoor 😜 .

Tuesday – Normally bike today, but decided to swap my Tuesday/ Thursday and took a rest day. Zero energy today, which I’m still thinking is Candida diet related. No fun!

Wednesday – Ran 5 miles on the treadmill because it was so crazy windy out (I’m talking I literally got blown backwards while walking on ice lol!). Planned to do a tempo run, but only 2 of those miles could really be considered ‘tempo’ for me. My energy was zapped. I slowed my pace and finished the run though. Here’s another one of my pics from the weekend…

Thursday – Biked 50 minutes doing a fun build up and then back down in intensity workout. It’s one of my favorites but I don’t always get to do it because of time.

Friday – I was so happy to squeeze in 7 miles in the afternoon right after our builder left the basement 😊. I had to run a bit faster than I intended just to get the miles in, but it got done! The shower had to wait until after I picked up my kiddo from school haha! Sorry to all the parents at pick-up! #sorrynotsorry 😉 I surprisingly had decent energy today.

Saturday – Rest day! The electrician came and installed the can lights and electrical sockets since we ended up being home today…we thought we were going to have to wait around for him because our schedules didn’t line up, but it turns out it’ll be the drywaller we may have to wait a bit for. Getting excited to have my gym space finished!img_3208

We had our second party of the holiday season yesterday. It’s so fun getting together with family that you don’t get to see as often as you’d like to. We had a great time at my parents catching up with everyone.

Christmas Eve is probably my favorite party of the year though. We always get together with my sisters and parents for Chinese food (I will probably have to make my own food this year — boo!), gift exchange, and sometimes some games :). There’s always a lot of laughter and I always leave feeling so thankful for my family! They’re the best!!

What is your favorite part about the holiday season? Do you have a lot of snow/cold weather where you live? Have you been able to get outside, or are you taking it inside?


One thought on “Week in Review: Dec. 11-17

  1. Everything! I love the holidays! We’re in Indiana, so it comes and goes and never exactly the same from year to year. But I have the right gear and ready to bundle up as needed. I go outside as much as possible. Ran a 5K on Sunday with temps 17 and “feels like 2”. They did cancel the half that was supposed to take place at the same time. Likely a good call with the cold, wind, and some icy streets. Merry Christmas!


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