2016 Goal Review

Towards the end of 2015 I set some goals for the races I planned on doing in the new year, as well as some weekly goals of running 3x a week and biking 1-2x a week. I also had a few general goals of staying healthy with minimal injuries.

The year had a rocky start with me battling shin splits due to trying out a new pair of shoes that weren’t right for me, as well as getting frostbite on my toes 😱. All this happened right before my first race of the year, so I didn’t run for two weeks before the race. I was very nervous about how I’d feel. Everything worked out though. The shin splints turned out to be one of only two injuries I faced this year. The second was my bursitis flair up after the marathon. I’m still amazed that my husband and I both made it through training without injury.🤗 For me, two injuries in a year with a total of 3 weeks off from running was definitely considered ‘minimal’.👍🏼
Here’s a run down on my time goals I had set.


Disney Princess Half Marathon


  • Goal 1: Break 2:18:31 (PR) — Check! Official time of 2:16:13
  • Goal 2: Break 2:10:47 (9:59 pace) – Missed
  • Goal 3: Break: 2:08:49 (9:50 pace) – Missed


Gazelle Girl Half Marathon

  • Goal: I registered for this race last minute (4 days before the race) and had no time goals – I ended up breaking my half PR from Disney with a 2:14:01 and was pretty happy with that!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half Marathon

  • Goal: Just have fun and stick with my mom for the race. – I probably had the most fun during this race because I wasn’t pushing my pace and I really took in the scenery. It was a blast and I’m glad I could run with my mom! It was still a PR  for me too for the half course at 2:27:23 (11:15 pace), as the first time I did it back in 2014 with my mom we did it in 2:32:09 (11:37 pace).


River Bank Run 25k

  • Goal 1: Break 2:52:03 (PR) – Check!
  • Goal 2: Break 2:39:13 (10:15 pace) – Check! 2:39:01 official time!
  • Goal 3: Break 2:34:44 (9:59 pace) – Missed. Still chasing a sub 10 pace for a half and 25k.

The River Bank 25k turned out to be a huge confidence booster. I ran my fastest half during the race (Garmin said 2:11:35), and ended up slowing the last 2.5 or so miles but finished in 2:39:01. I was pretty happy with my effort and time.


Holland 100

So this isn’t running, and it wasn’t in my original goals post, but I ended up signing up for a 100 mile bike ride with my husband. We completed all 100 miles, which was my goal. In all honesty, it was something that I’ll probably never do again. I really like the 50 or less mile rides, and less hilly is definitely more enjoyable. It felt pretty amazing to finish though, despite the anticlimactic ending.

Trout-a-rama 5k

This race was the weekend after the Holland 100 and I didn’t have on my list, but ended up adding it a bit later into the year. My main goal was to place (it’s a super small race – I had 8 women in my age group). So, I was thrilled to get a 1st place AG win even though my time was a hair slower than last year. My husband got 2nd in his AG! 🙂


Mackinac Island 8 mile

  • Goal 1: Break 1:17:57 (PR) – Missed with official time of 1:17:59 (so close!)
  • Goal 2: Break 1:17:12 (9:39 pace) – Missed.

Considering most of my miles run around this time were the long slow ones for marathon training, I am not surprised at all that I missed this. Disappointed, yes. But not really surprised. Next year I WILL break that time! I had a great time during the race, as I always do though.


Grand Rapids Marathon

  • Goal 1: Break 5:50:03 (PR) -Check!
  • Goal 2: Break 5:00 (11:27 pace) – Check!
  • Goal 3: Break 4:45 (10:52 pace) – Check! Official time of 4:43:26 🙌🏼

Ending the racing season with this crazy PR made my year! This was on my mind from the beginning of the year, when training hadn’t even started for it yet. The training for the marathon was such a great experience! And the race itself was 100% different from my first marathon experience. I truly loved this race and am SO glad I was able to run it with my husband. It’ll definitely be a race I’ll never forget!

2016 Weekly fitness goals:

  • Continue to run 3x a week
  • Continue to bike 1-2x a week

I’ll say CHECK and CHECK on these two. I rarely missed, but did due to illness or injury a few times.

2015 was my PR year. Every race I ran was a new PR! This year wasn’t one of those years, but it was an incredibly rewarding year due to the marathon and still some good improvement on my half and 25k times. I’m very pleased with how this year went and I can’t wait to see what I’ll do in 2017!

Check out the Goals & Race Schedule page for my 2017 tentative race schedule (it is below my 2016 schedule).



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