Week in Review: Nov. 13-19

How is it Thanksgiving week already?! I’m sure this past week was the last week of fall with some warm mornings, so I really enjoyed my time out there! It ended not so great, with an injury that I’m currently babying. But, I’m optimistic for a good recovery as this is something I’ve struggled with in the past and know what works to make it heal. Despite that, it was a beautiful week in Michigan and I’m so happy I was able to take advantage of the weather.

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Little run down the boardwalk. Ran 3.1 miles. 9:38, 9:14, 9:13, and last .1 at 8:45 pace.

Tuesday – Biked 45 minutes. I had to write one of my favorite quotes on the chalkboard to hang in my home gym (construction hasn’t started yet, I’m just getting anxious!).IMG_2485.JPG

Wednesday – Ran 5 miles around town. Loved all the decorations and pretty window displays at all the stores and restaurants. I did some post-run yoga at home with my wheel.

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Ran 7 miles with the run club. I ended up running with two guys, but one tweaked his hamstring recently and told us to go ahead so I ended up running 4 with the ‘group’ and then finished out the last 3 solo. I really enjoyed this run, but did have some knee pain during it.screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-9-38-28-am

Saturday – Totally off topic, but my daughter lost her 2nd tooth (this one is one of the two center teeth right up on top, so she now has a totally adorable gappy grin.) Anyway, I planned to bike but my bursitis in my left knee (pes anserine) got all flared up. In the past I found biking to be painful as well, so I decided to just try walking on the treadmill. I walked a mile and had to stop because the pain was too much. 😦

I did some stretching after my quick walk. My husband and I had a day-date to lunch and the movies and when I stood up after the movie was done, I was limping my knee hurt so bad! It gets so stiff when seated. It has progressively gotten worse since the marathon. I’m hoping taking a week off and really focusing on icing and stretching will relieve some of the inflammation. I don’t want to stop running and ‘lose’ fitness, but I also want to be at 100% soon so 2017 training will go smoothly. I have been enjoying being able to run 7 miles and having it feel like a ‘short’ run…I still have those long marathon runs in my head. But even if I do ‘lose’, it I know I can build it back up pretty quickly.

I just realized I haven’t been injured like this since February this year (when I tried a new shoe and ended with horrible shin issues and took 2 weeks off right before the Princess Half. I was so scared!) It’s been a pretty good year as far as not being constantly injured goes! Maybe that means my weak spots are getting stronger?!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. There is so much to be thankful for every year, but this year seemed to be even more special for us. I feel very blessed and am really excited about spending the day with not just my family, but my husband’s as well. Enjoy this ‘shorter’ work week! 🙂


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