Week in Review: Nov. 6 – 12. + Marathon Recovery

Here’s a look at the first two weeks following the Grand Rapids Marathon. And if you missed my race recap (with finish video), you can see it HERE. I will never forget this race. It was such an amazing day! There is nothing like working so hard to reach a goal and then surpass it!

Day 1 – I was all proud that I could sit down on the toilet without bracing myself because last time I was like that for 2-3 days after the race. But, by the end of the day I couldn’t sit without bracing myself haha! I was incredibly sore and achey by the evening.

Day 2 – Sore muscles, but felt a little better.

Day 3 – Tons of improvement in muscle soreness AND I could sit without bracing myself again.

Day 4 – Felt pretty good! I could tell I definitely did something strenuous earlier, but really not too bad in comparison to how I felt Monday night.

In the first week following the race, I took a couple 3-3.5 mile walks, and 2 yoga classes, and that was about it! We found out 5 days after the race that we had possession of our new house. So, we started moving in that weekend. We moved west (about 15-20 min. drive), so instead of hiring movers we have been taking car/trailer loads over as often as we could. It’s been a crazy 2 weeks! Moving is a workout in itself. I am so glad to be done and officially HOME!

Here’s what this past week looked like…

Sunday – Rest day

Monday – Ran 6 miles around town. It was beautiful out!! I know our comfortable mornings are coming to an end, so I’m soaking up these moments when I can!

Tuesday – First bike trainer ride since the marathon, and it was an awesome workout! Biked 50 minutes. 10 minute warm up + 5x (5 minutes hard, 1 minute easy) + 10 minute cool down.

Wednesday – Ran 7 miles on the treadmill while waiting for a replacement range to be delivered to our house. 1 mile warm up, 10:31 >10:00 > 9:31 > 8:57 > 8:27, 1 mile cooldown.

Thursday – 3.2 mile walk with my mom.

Friday – Ran 5 miles easy paced (10:15). It was such a windy morning! I had to turn around near the beach because the sand was out of control 😂.

Saturday – Rest day. Fun day at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI for a belated birthday trip for our daughter. She was a trooper for putting up with us starting our move over her birthday weekend, so a fun little getaway was in order! We all had a great time! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my ‘Story’ of a video of us going through one of the water slides.

Trying to find my new ‘normal’ schedule now that marathon training is over. I’ve been pretty flexible, but think I need to find some sort of schedule because that’s what seems to work best for me. I really liked having everything spelled out for me, so maybe that just means every week I wrote down in advance what my weekly plan is. I do have a lightly outlined one, but think I need some more structure. I’ve been a-ok with missing cross training too (yesterday we got back from our trip and I was so tired I took a nap instead lol). I need to really force myself to get back into that 2x a week bike schedule. 

Have you struggled with getting back into a schedule after getting done with training for a big race? This is new for me but I think it’s because I had other big races right after that I was still deep in training for.


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