Week in Review: Oct. 16-22

Last week of tapering before marathon race day! This week was pretty light, per the plan. No cross training, just 3 runs and lots of rest. Since my race was on a Sunday, I decided to do an easy 3 miler as my last run (instead of just 2 runs). I’ll have the marathon recap posted early this week! But spoiler alert….I HIT ALL MY GOALS!!!!!!

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Ran 5 miles total on the treadmill (1 mile w/up + 6x400m at 8:20 pace with 400m recovery between + 1 mile c/down). 

Tuesday – Rest day…feels weird to not be biking. I went shopping instead haha!

Wednesday – Ran 5 miles. Such a foggy morning!!! Supposed to do a 1 mile easy, 3 at marathon pace and 1 more easy. Was too fast all around, but I felt good!

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Easy 3 mile run with the local running club…really just ran with one guy in the group because everyone else is too fast 😂.

Saturday – Rest day and packet pick-up day! I bought the gray and pink hoodie and the green shirt is the official race shirt.img_1928I spent the evening watching The Spirit of the Marathon (who doesn’t love Deena Kastor?!) and focused on keeping hydrated.img_1943

I can’t wait to share all the details about the race with you all!! It was a perfect day and I will be on cloud 9 for a while ;).

Anyone else have The Spirit of the Marathon? I love movies about running, and this one always gets me pumped up after watching it. Any other suggestions for some good ones to check out? I’ve watched a few others but can’t remember the names. There was one about Steve Prefontaine that was really interesting too…what’s the name of that one??


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