Week in Review: Oct.9-15 + A Look Back at My 1st Marathon

In 1 week, I will be running my 2nd marathon!! AHHHH!! So many emotions about race day! Mostly just excited though. I have been envisioning approaching the finish line and seeing 4:xx:xx on the time clock and completely breaking down in tears of joy. I know I won’t be able to control my emotions at the finish line. I’m looking forward to seeing my family there cheering us on!

Here’s a throwback pic from my first marathon (April 25th, 2015). I’m crying and trying to smile through the pain. If you were following my first marathon journey, you may remember I got terribly sick during the race and went downhill real fast after mile 17. I wanted to hit the med tent several times but finished about 50 minutes SLOWER than what I was hoping to do it in. It was very bittersweet. I was terribly disappointed in my time, but proud I toughed it out and still made it across the finish line.301207_192850690_xlarge

Here’s how this week went…

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – I originally had planned to start the week with my run, but switched it around when I saw the cold AM temps! It totally sucks away my motivation when it’s in the 40’s or colder. I know I’m going to have to face it eventually lol. I did my cross-training today instead -Biked 45 minutes. 15 easy, 15 tempo, 5 hard, 10 easy. Skipped a picture today.

Tuesday – Ran 6.35 miles. 5x1000m with 400m recovery + 1 mile warm-up and cool-down. It was beautiful outside!! Loved the warmer, but not too warm, temperatures.

Wednesday – Biked 35 minutes. 10 easy, 3x(2 hard, 2 easy), 10 easy. I spent the afternoon running errands…picking up more stuff for the new house. It won’t be long now!

Thursday – Ran 6 miles. 2 easy, 3 short tempo, 1 easy. 

Friday – Rest day and field trip day with my daughter. Fun day picking pumpkins, seeing all the farm animals, etc.

Saturday – Ran 8 miles solo (9:52 pace).fullsizeoutput_350First time in a long time that I did my ‘long run'(which really doesn’t seem long being in the taper zone!) without my husband. Excited to reunite next week Sunday! He got up really early and ran and then I ran a bit later (at about 9am).DCIM100GOPROG0196221.

That’s a wrap! Just 1 more speed run, 1 more tempo + 1 easy run (no cross-training the week of race) and then I’ll be putting one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles! 🙂 I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out. I feel ready!


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