Week in Review: Oct. 2-8

Another week closer to race day! I just got butterflies looking at my training plan and as I realized I only have 2 more bike workouts until race day (they don’t suggest cross-training the week of the race). I plan on taking some walks the week of the race instead of biking.

Here’s how things shook out this week…

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Got up early and biked 40 minutes before my daughter got up for school. Not the norm, but I had a hair appointment in the morning and didn’t want to have to get my hair all yucked up right after getting it done ;). Several inches shorter and a bit darker for fall/winter. It felt good to have that 10 minutes easy, 25 tempo, 5 easy bike ride done so early!

Tuesday – Ran 6.84 miles. 1 mile warm-up + 8×800 with 90 sec. recovery periods between + 1 mile cool-down. I forgot to look at my plan before I left so I couldn’t remember what pace I was supposed to run the repeats. 🙊 Oops! Ended up running between 8:24-8:09 pace for the 800’s.

Wednesday – Biked 35 minutes. 10 min. easy, 3 x (2 min. hard, 3 easy), 10 min. easy. And also, apparently today was National Kale Day 😂. So of course I had to green protein smoothie after my ride!

Thursday – Ran 7 miles. 1 mile warm-up, 5 at mid-tempo (9:27 pace goal – I was pretty close with all except one), 1 mile cool-down.

Friday – Rest day. My daughter’s school had a running themed fundraiser at school that I got to go to and cheer on my mini me. I need to volunteer for this event next time! Such a fun morning!IMG_1495.jpg

Saturday – Ran 13.1 CHILLY miles with my hubby. We left a bit before sunrise, and I couldn’t find my reflective vest (the joys of packing to move! Boxes everywhere!)…he found his though so I ran behind him on the main road before getting into the neighborhoods. I had good energy throughout (ate some dates at about mile 6), and just a little hip tightness and knee soreness. Not too bad though. Really happy with this run….it got me excited for next spring.We ran a bit faster than the suggested 10:18 pace (did 10:07), and I felt like I could have picked it up a bit at times. I’m still chasing that sub 10 pace for a half marathon, and I feel like it’s getting closer and closer to achievable on a “normal” (ie. not crazy hilly course). Really bummed Gazelle Girl is 6 days before the Nashville Half. Part of me thinks that would be too much, but part of me just wants to do it anyway because I know Nashville will never be a PR race (maybe a course PR). If I do end up signing up for Gazelle, I’d have to switch up that weeks runs to be more of a recovery week.

Am I crazy for wanting to sign up for a half marathon 6 days before a really tough half marathon?? Please tell me you’ve done something similar and it’s turned out alright 🙂 haha! I have until February to decide before the price hike. I decided at the last minute to do it this year (it was 2 weeks before Nashville this year, but Easter is when it normally is next year so they had to bump the date up). I really liked the course, so it’s tempting!


4 thoughts on “Week in Review: Oct. 2-8

  1. It’s so funny to me, when I’m in the midst of training, how little I care about my hair. I’m like, I have to wash it tomorrow because I’m running so what’s the point? Your cut looks lovely, though!

    I think you could run a half the week before a tougher half if you used the first as an EASY training run. I think your body is in top shape for things like that right now!


    • haha! I’m with you Ali! The number of times I did my hair instead of throwing it in a ponytail since I got it done is very low lol.

      I agree, running it “easy” paced would be do-able. That’s where the problem is though…I would probably want to go for a PR so I surely would be pushing myself for that first race. We’ll see what happens, but I think I’m going to do both! I know Nashville will never be a spectacular finish time, so I’m thinking I’ll be a-ok with whatever happens there.


  2. Not crazy at all! In 2013 I ran 13 half marathons, so I had a couple back to back and did 3 within 4 weeks. If you enjoy it, you can do it! 🙂 I say go for it….from one crazy runner to another 😉 (oh, and by the way, all but 2 of those half marathons in 2013 were at 2 hours or better and the 2 over were no more than 1 minute over….so it turned out okay!)


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