Week in Review: Sept. 25 – Oct. 1

It’s officially MARATHON MONTH!!! EEEEkkkk! This was my biggest week yet and I’m so pumped up right now.

Here’s this weeks workouts….

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Ran 7 miles. 1 mile warm-up + 10x400m with 400m between + 1 mile cool down. First day of this fall season that I had to put capris on. Loved the cool temps!!

Tuesday – This almost didn’t happen. I didn’t get on the bike until 6:30pm. Ended up running errands all day for stuff for the house. Finally after some homemade chicken noodle soup, I biked 40 minutes. 10 min. easy, 20 min. tempo, 10 min. easy. I am so not a night workout girl! Glad I didn’t skip out though.

Wednesday – Ran 10 miles. 1 mile warm up + 8 miles (supposed to be 10:18, but was roughly 8 seconds faster) + 1 mile cool down. 

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Ran 20 miles!!!!! Today was the big day! Peak week long run. I couldn’t help but think of my last marathon training 20 miler during the run. What a difference! I was in Marco Island, FL (aka…the flattest place on earth haha!!) on vacation and jumped in the pool after finishing. Not quite the story today! 😉 Although I felt like I couldn’t get my legs to move today, overall I felt like I had a lot more energy than last time. And I certainly felt a whole lot better than I did in Nashville on race day! My watch time absolutely does not reflect what I did last year. It looks better on the watch by a few seconds per mile, but my elapsed time was 20 minutes longer last year! This time, we did 3 planned fuel stops (at 5, 10, and 15 miles), and had an unplanned stop at a bathroom for my husband (hopeful that won’t happen race day for either of us!), some quick traffic stops, and one quick photo op by the pier. Taking into consideration our elapsed time, we’re still on target to meet my big goal of a sub-5 hour. Today was a tough run, there’s no mistaking that! I had a lot of knee and hip pain during the run. It’s just one of those things you have to push aside and keep on going.DCIM100GOPROG0055587.I had to take a picture by the gigantic freighter.DCIM100GOPROG0045557.This is my face when I accidentally stepped in a huge puddle lol!DCIM100GOPROGOPR5562.We ran out to the pier at the beginning of our run…I had to stop quick and snap a pic. All closed up now!

Saturday – Easy 40 min. cross training session, per the plan…thankful for these built in easy days after hard runs. Biked 20 min. easy, 5 tempo, 15 easy (in compression socks 😂).

Other than all these workouts, our new house construction made some huge progress this week. Lots of trim work done and the built in bookcases around the fireplace are done….it’s so beautiful! It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that it’s really going to be ours! I may share a few pics in the next few weeks.

Do you enjoy the taper portion of training? It seems a lot of people don’t like tapering. I like it though! It feels good to know I did everything I could and that I gave the past few months my all. What I don’t like is the germaphobic tendencies that tend to come out during this time! I’m like, “Don’t breathe near me! I can’t get sick!” 😂 I totally obsess about weather too. I can’t help it!! But overall, I enjoy tapering.


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