Week in Review: Nov. 6 – 12. + Marathon Recovery

Here’s a look at the first two weeks following the Grand Rapids Marathon. And if you missed my race recap (with finish video), you can see it HERE. I will never forget this race. It was such an amazing day! There is nothing like working so hard to reach a goal and then surpass it!

Day 1 – I was all proud that I could sit down on the toilet without bracing myself because last time I was like that for 2-3 days after the race. But, by the end of the day I couldn’t sit without bracing myself haha! I was incredibly sore and achey by the evening.

Day 2 – Sore muscles, but felt a little better.

Day 3 – Tons of improvement in muscle soreness AND I could sit without bracing myself again.

Day 4 – Felt pretty good! I could tell I definitely did something strenuous earlier, but really not too bad in comparison to how I felt Monday night.

In the first week following the race, I took a couple 3-3.5 mile walks, and 2 yoga classes, and that was about it! We found out 5 days after the race that we had possession of our new house. So, we started moving in that weekend. We moved west (about 15-20 min. drive), so instead of hiring movers we have been taking car/trailer loads over as often as we could. It’s been a crazy 2 weeks! Moving is a workout in itself. I am so glad to be done and officially HOME!

Here’s what this past week looked like…

Sunday – Rest day

Monday – Ran 6 miles around town. It was beautiful out!! I know our comfortable mornings are coming to an end, so I’m soaking up these moments when I can!

Tuesday – First bike trainer ride since the marathon, and it was an awesome workout! Biked 50 minutes. 10 minute warm up + 5x (5 minutes hard, 1 minute easy) + 10 minute cool down.

Wednesday – Ran 7 miles on the treadmill while waiting for a replacement range to be delivered to our house. 1 mile warm up, 10:31 >10:00 > 9:31 > 8:57 > 8:27, 1 mile cooldown.

Thursday – 3.2 mile walk with my mom.

Friday – Ran 5 miles easy paced (10:15). It was such a windy morning! I had to turn around near the beach because the sand was out of control 😂.

Saturday – Rest day. Fun day at Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, MI for a belated birthday trip for our daughter. She was a trooper for putting up with us starting our move over her birthday weekend, so a fun little getaway was in order! We all had a great time! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my ‘Story’ of a video of us going through one of the water slides.

Trying to find my new ‘normal’ schedule now that marathon training is over. I’ve been pretty flexible, but think I need to find some sort of schedule because that’s what seems to work best for me. I really liked having everything spelled out for me, so maybe that just means every week I wrote down in advance what my weekly plan is. I do have a lightly outlined one, but think I need some more structure. I’ve been a-ok with missing cross training too (yesterday we got back from our trip and I was so tired I took a nap instead lol). I need to really force myself to get back into that 2x a week bike schedule. 

Have you struggled with getting back into a schedule after getting done with training for a big race? This is new for me but I think it’s because I had other big races right after that I was still deep in training for.


Week in Review: Oct. 16-22

Last week of tapering before marathon race day! This week was pretty light, per the plan. No cross training, just 3 runs and lots of rest. Since my race was on a Sunday, I decided to do an easy 3 miler as my last run (instead of just 2 runs). I’ll have the marathon recap posted early this week! But spoiler alert….I HIT ALL MY GOALS!!!!!!

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Ran 5 miles total on the treadmill (1 mile w/up + 6x400m at 8:20 pace with 400m recovery between + 1 mile c/down). 

Tuesday – Rest day…feels weird to not be biking. I went shopping instead haha!

Wednesday – Ran 5 miles. Such a foggy morning!!! Supposed to do a 1 mile easy, 3 at marathon pace and 1 more easy. Was too fast all around, but I felt good!

Thursday – Rest day.

Friday – Easy 3 mile run with the local running club…really just ran with one guy in the group because everyone else is too fast 😂.

Saturday – Rest day and packet pick-up day! I bought the gray and pink hoodie and the green shirt is the official race shirt.img_1928I spent the evening watching The Spirit of the Marathon (who doesn’t love Deena Kastor?!) and focused on keeping hydrated.img_1943

I can’t wait to share all the details about the race with you all!! It was a perfect day and I will be on cloud 9 for a while ;).

Anyone else have The Spirit of the Marathon? I love movies about running, and this one always gets me pumped up after watching it. Any other suggestions for some good ones to check out? I’ve watched a few others but can’t remember the names. There was one about Steve Prefontaine that was really interesting too…what’s the name of that one??

Week in Review: Oct.9-15 + A Look Back at My 1st Marathon

In 1 week, I will be running my 2nd marathon!! AHHHH!! So many emotions about race day! Mostly just excited though. I have been envisioning approaching the finish line and seeing 4:xx:xx on the time clock and completely breaking down in tears of joy. I know I won’t be able to control my emotions at the finish line. I’m looking forward to seeing my family there cheering us on!

Here’s a throwback pic from my first marathon (April 25th, 2015). I’m crying and trying to smile through the pain. If you were following my first marathon journey, you may remember I got terribly sick during the race and went downhill real fast after mile 17. I wanted to hit the med tent several times but finished about 50 minutes SLOWER than what I was hoping to do it in. It was very bittersweet. I was terribly disappointed in my time, but proud I toughed it out and still made it across the finish line.301207_192850690_xlarge

Here’s how this week went…

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – I originally had planned to start the week with my run, but switched it around when I saw the cold AM temps! It totally sucks away my motivation when it’s in the 40’s or colder. I know I’m going to have to face it eventually lol. I did my cross-training today instead -Biked 45 minutes. 15 easy, 15 tempo, 5 hard, 10 easy. Skipped a picture today.

Tuesday – Ran 6.35 miles. 5x1000m with 400m recovery + 1 mile warm-up and cool-down. It was beautiful outside!! Loved the warmer, but not too warm, temperatures.

Wednesday – Biked 35 minutes. 10 easy, 3x(2 hard, 2 easy), 10 easy. I spent the afternoon running errands…picking up more stuff for the new house. It won’t be long now!

Thursday – Ran 6 miles. 2 easy, 3 short tempo, 1 easy. 

Friday – Rest day and field trip day with my daughter. Fun day picking pumpkins, seeing all the farm animals, etc.

Saturday – Ran 8 miles solo (9:52 pace).fullsizeoutput_350First time in a long time that I did my ‘long run'(which really doesn’t seem long being in the taper zone!) without my husband. Excited to reunite next week Sunday! He got up really early and ran and then I ran a bit later (at about 9am).DCIM100GOPROG0196221.

That’s a wrap! Just 1 more speed run, 1 more tempo + 1 easy run (no cross-training the week of race) and then I’ll be putting one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles! 🙂 I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out. I feel ready!

Week in Review: Oct. 2-8

Another week closer to race day! I just got butterflies looking at my training plan and as I realized I only have 2 more bike workouts until race day (they don’t suggest cross-training the week of the race). I plan on taking some walks the week of the race instead of biking.

Here’s how things shook out this week…

Sunday – Rest day.

Monday – Got up early and biked 40 minutes before my daughter got up for school. Not the norm, but I had a hair appointment in the morning and didn’t want to have to get my hair all yucked up right after getting it done ;). Several inches shorter and a bit darker for fall/winter. It felt good to have that 10 minutes easy, 25 tempo, 5 easy bike ride done so early!

Tuesday – Ran 6.84 miles. 1 mile warm-up + 8×800 with 90 sec. recovery periods between + 1 mile cool-down. I forgot to look at my plan before I left so I couldn’t remember what pace I was supposed to run the repeats. 🙊 Oops! Ended up running between 8:24-8:09 pace for the 800’s.

Wednesday – Biked 35 minutes. 10 min. easy, 3 x (2 min. hard, 3 easy), 10 min. easy. And also, apparently today was National Kale Day 😂. So of course I had to green protein smoothie after my ride!

Thursday – Ran 7 miles. 1 mile warm-up, 5 at mid-tempo (9:27 pace goal – I was pretty close with all except one), 1 mile cool-down.

Friday – Rest day. My daughter’s school had a running themed fundraiser at school that I got to go to and cheer on my mini me. I need to volunteer for this event next time! Such a fun morning!IMG_1495.jpg

Saturday – Ran 13.1 CHILLY miles with my hubby. We left a bit before sunrise, and I couldn’t find my reflective vest (the joys of packing to move! Boxes everywhere!)…he found his though so I ran behind him on the main road before getting into the neighborhoods. I had good energy throughout (ate some dates at about mile 6), and just a little hip tightness and knee soreness. Not too bad though. Really happy with this run….it got me excited for next spring.We ran a bit faster than the suggested 10:18 pace (did 10:07), and I felt like I could have picked it up a bit at times. I’m still chasing that sub 10 pace for a half marathon, and I feel like it’s getting closer and closer to achievable on a “normal” (ie. not crazy hilly course). Really bummed Gazelle Girl is 6 days before the Nashville Half. Part of me thinks that would be too much, but part of me just wants to do it anyway because I know Nashville will never be a PR race (maybe a course PR). If I do end up signing up for Gazelle, I’d have to switch up that weeks runs to be more of a recovery week.

Am I crazy for wanting to sign up for a half marathon 6 days before a really tough half marathon?? Please tell me you’ve done something similar and it’s turned out alright 🙂 haha! I have until February to decide before the price hike. I decided at the last minute to do it this year (it was 2 weeks before Nashville this year, but Easter is when it normally is next year so they had to bump the date up). I really liked the course, so it’s tempting!